1 Autumn term 2019

During our Jigsaw lessons this half term we have been thinking about how to be Safe, Ready and Respectful.  So far we have worked together to decide on what this means we should see and do all around our school and have thought about our feelings of pride when we are praised for following these rules.  We have also designed our own stickers as a reward for safe, ready and respectful behaviour.  Some of our designs are here on the website but there are more in our Jigsaw Journals in the classroom.  
We have been naming and describing 2D shapes by their properties and sorting shapes into whether they are symmetrical or not symmetrical.
Self Portraits - 23.9.19
As part of our learning about our 'super bodies' we have been following these steps to draw a self portrait. We looked closely at our faces in the mirror and thought carefully about the location, size and shape of our features. 
Moving pictures - 30.10.19
We are going to create a superhero picture with a moving part. Today we learnt how to make a slider mechanism and to use it to make a character move across the page. 
Moving pictures - 1.10.19
Today we learnt a different way to make a character in our pictures move. We made a lever mechanism using a split pin as a pivot. We coloured our pictures in thinking about another skill we are working on at the moment; colouring within the lines! Look at the lovely examples. 
Sponsored Sport Event : 9.10.19
Sewing - 16.10.19
We designed and made our Super Beebots some superhero capes. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came in to help! 
The Gunpowder Plot - 5.11.19
This week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. 
Superhero Day
Here are some of the photos of us dressed as superheroes - we had a great day!
The Great Fire of London
As part of our ‘Sparks and Flames’ topic we made model houses and had our own ‘Great Fire of St Sidwell’s’.
Independent learning