1 Spring Term 2019

Monday 7th January 2019 - Anyone can be an inventor!
We talked about some famous inventors and how a problem or a question led to them inventing something new. The children matched these questions to the inventions they led to. 
The children have also been designing their own inventions to answer the questions below. 
How can I walk on water?
How can I get to the park without touching the ground?
Their ideas are on the washing line in the classroom so do come and have a look. 
Monday 14th January 2019
Today we read the book 'Monsteraurus' by Clare Freedman and Ben Cort. It is about a boy who invents his own monster! We all created our own monsters to write about later in the week.
We designed and made some capes for the Beebots to dress up in. We had to learn how to do do a running stitch to make the capes.