2 Autumn Term 2017

Forest school - 28/11/17
On Tuesday, Emily and Paul from the Devon Wildlife Trust came in to teach Year 2 how to light a fire. Emily demonstrated how to use the flint to create a spark and Paul showed the children where to find dry wood (made harder by the rain!).The class then collected their own sticks from the playground and with a little help from some cotton wool and paper everyone managed to start their fires! The class loved the session and we hope to do some more next term! 
Artefacts from the 1600s 
To link in with our history unit about the Gunpowder Plot, Year 2 got to look at some artefacts found in Devon from the 1600s. 
Forest School - 31/10/17
On Tuesday, Year 2 had the exciting opportunity of taking part in a forest school session. Emily from the Devon Wildlife trust came in to talk about ‘spooky’ wildlife and how to be creative with nature. She began by showing the class a stick and asking them how many different things they could imagine that it could be - you would be amazed by the amount they came up with! They then went off to find their own items and think of what else it could be. At the end, the children got creative and made pictures out of the items they had found.
Thank you Emily, we look forward to the next session on the 28th November.
Year 2 Multi Skills Festival - 12/10/17
On Thursday Year 2 attended a Multi Skills Festival held at St Luke's School. The children had a great day trying out some new sports and activities. We started outside where the class was split into groups with a student from St Luke's as their leader. The children played different warm up and running games such as 'Rats and Rabbits' and 'Race to the Moon'!
After this we headed indoors where the children got to practice their throwing, balancing and target skills in a range of fun games.
The class then got to have a go at New Age Kurling, an event which they all really enjoyed and have asked to do again!
We would like to say a massive thank you to Rebecca Skinner and Matt Upston for organising this event and a big thank you to all the students, parents and staff that helped on the day. We look forward to doing another event soon!
I liked playing outside ~ Carys
My favourite thing was the kurling ~ Emmaline
I loved the part where we played rockets and moons ~ Yaman
I loved it because I loved all the games ~ Flora
My favourite part was the kurling ~ Lewis
I loved the multi sports ~ Ted
Apple Pressing - 21/09/2017
Year 2 enjoyed an apple-making workshop with Kevin, from West Town Farm, Ide. The children brought in their own apples and learnt about new varieties. They helped Kevin in preparing chopped apples for the 'scratter' and the hand-operated pressing equipment. Once all the apples were juiced, the children enjoyed half a glass of fresh apple juice as a reward for their efforts. 
Well done to the children and a thank you to FOSSS for their funding support, Mrs Hallet- for organising- and to Kevin for his direction and help.