6 Autumn Term 2017


Christmas holidays- Home Learning- Year 6


After half-term, we will begin an exciting new topic on the Ancient Egyptians and, for your home learning (along with your reading comprehension and maths reasoning activities) I would like you to get crafty again and see what you can produce for the classroom.

Some ideas might be a sarcophagus, a mummified ‘something’, a pyramid of some form, a map, a mask/head dress, a sphinx…. Good luck and have fun with it!

Well done on all your great efforts as a class over the last half term

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Mr McLeod

Christmas Party
A great end to the school year with Year 5 and 6 enjoying their Christmas party. A big thank you to Benji for the pictures and you can see from these that we had great fun with Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues, dancing, running around after balloons!, the Chocolate game, eating & drinking, and the party culminated in a conga that almost the whole school became part of- even the office staff!!
Thank you to all those parents and carers who provided food and drink for the party.
Well done to Year 6 for all their great learning this year and a Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year.
Mr McLeod


Apple Store Computing Workshop


On Thursday 14th, Year 6 attended some really exciting computing workshops at the Apple Store in town. We were met by Dom and Simon and taken through the Tynker programming/coding app and then the children were really motivated by the BB8 and Spheros ‘robots’.

Using the ipads the children gave the ‘bots instructions to move around - gauging speed, direction and distance across the Apple Store- trying to avoid obstacles and customers.

As always, our children were a credit- motivated, polite and enthusiastic. They returned ready for their Christmas dinner with a new t-shirt, a certificate and maybe a new item for their Christmas lists.

A thank you to Apple for hosting us.

Trading Day
Haggling, bartering and negotiating! An animated afternoon of industry and sales as the children considered the changing value of their highly desirable products: paper semi-circles and rectangles!
The joys of supply and demand.
Great fun!
A few extra pieces:
  • We are using Python and IDLE or trinket.io  in our computing lessons- if you want to practise at home they are free.
  • Don't forget to gather a whole list of features ready for your Contraptions- next Tuesday- to help you concentrate on your writing and your drawings.
  • Not on a Christmas stall yet? Have a chat with your family and friends about ideas.
Mr McLeod



The children studied some of the works painted by Fernand Léger, who is considered an influential figure in cubism and pop art. During the 2nd World War, he created “paintings in which freely arranged bands of colour are juxtaposed with figures and objects outlined in black”. This was the aim of the children as they chose symbols of war and brought them together in images with their own scales and composition. This required a lot of perseverance and re-touching by some of the children; I am sure that you would agree that the results are very impressive and hopefully, more will soon be joining the gallery. Great effort, Year 6!

Remembrance Evening finalised information
Dear All
As discussed, arrangements are the same as below.
I have contacted parents/carers via ParentMail regarding those chosen for the poetry on Thursday evening and the email has an attached letter but spares are available at the office..
Apologies to those who haven't been picked as you have all worked really hard but I have been limited by numbers.
We will look to have some audio and typed versions on the website and give weight to those of you not attending on Thursday.
Many thanks
Mr McLeod
**Prodigy Game**
WOW! One of you has been doing very well!
Keep up the good work Mr D- join in the challenge everyone else.


Year 6 homework- Autumn half term


Over the half term, you have four ‘smallish’ tasks:


One is to practise the spellings you do not know- some of you have done very well, so far. I will put up another dictation paragraph over the holidays and try to cram as many words in (this time I will expect to see your attempt).

We will be concentrating more on patterns after half-term and the words ending in the ”shun” sound will be next.


Gaze up at the sky, when you get the chance, on a clear night- or look at photos if the weather is unkind or light pollution too great.

Record your feelings and any questions that it makes you think of.

If you can, collect images or website addresses of images that make you marvel about our wonderful world- this could be anything to do with the natural world. Like this:





Complete your arithmetic sheet



Complete the reading assessment- concentrate on the number of points required for each question and making sure that you answer what is asked of you.


This should leave plenty of time for you to have fun and think about your “ten a day”


Mr McLeod


Remembrance Celebration -Poetry Presentation- Tuesday 2nd November


 Dear Year 6

I will update this later today as further information has come in:

But, just so that you can give your parents the outline:

  • The event is Tuesday 2nd November – at the Mint Methodist church in town.
  • We will meet at school around 6.30pm, returning for 9.30pm. Parents are welcome; a donation would be welcomed as tickets are normally £7.50.
  • We are now looking at restrictions on numbers, so poems and presentations will need tweeking/practising – 12 is the likely number I’m afraid.

More to come- hopefully today.

Mr McLeod


Oh what big ‘everything’ you have!


A fun lunchtime saw some Year 6 pupils enjoy magnified views of some interesting bits and pieces. We have managed to borrow some microscopes from the Royal Microscopical Society and the children had great fun looking at the provided samples such as insects, leaves and dirty water! We will follow a more structured approach in the weeks ahead but really nice to see so many motivated learners popping in during their own free time.


Tiverton Museum- World War II Topic


What an amazing effort from the children who dressed up for our outing to Tiverton Museum!

We had billeting officers, land girls, evacuees and even a World War 1 Officer, all making their way down to the bus station and confusing passers-by, who looked concerned that they may have stepped back in time.

At the museum, we were split into groups where we met a World War II evacuee who told of his move from Plymouth to Tiverton and life in the Blackout; we listened to tales of billeting and the move from the cities to the safer country villages for evacuated children; handled artefacts and discussed their roles in the Blackout; and, while discussing rationing, we ‘savoured’ some powdered egg and milk, and even some sweet pancakes made from potato.

In all an eye-opening and educational trip with special thanks to Mrs Goff for her organizing skills- and top outfit- and to Mrs Fukes and Mrs Curry who helped and enjoyed the workshops with us, too.

Break dancing
Yes, we were break dancing! Well, the children were break dancing.
Great fun and exercise- strength, rhythm, flexibility and timing all needed and shown with enthusiasm by the class. A nice alternative to our usual exercise classes.
We even had a 'dance-off/battle'! They all had great fun and developed some impressive routines in a short period of time.
Thanks to Matt and FOSSS.
Matt is running classes, so ask at the office if you would like details.
Home Learning - 041017- for 111017
This week the children have each chosen a particular poem to memorise ahead of our next English Unit on poetry which will be focussed around remembrance.
They have also chosen a topic-based activity that may be to write a song about Dig For Victory or even design a cartoon for the Blackout campaign. There were several options, so they will not be posted up here.
There will be a dictation passage appearing soon which they can listen to in order to practise their spellings-
apologies for the accent.
Best regards
Mr McLeod
Maths- Place Value Jigsaws
Some learning independently, some sharing ideas in pairs; some approaching the problem in a neat and methodical manner, some more randomly attempting to bring things together. All showing great perseverance and some even found a solution. Great place value learning Year 6- well done!
Producing our own apple juice
Year 6, along with all the other children in the school, enjoyed an apple-making workshop with Kevin, from West Town Farm, Ide. The children brought in their own apples, learnt about new varieties that Kevin had brought in and were shown which of our own orchard's crop could be used in juice-making. Demonstrating their great cutting skills, they aided Kevin in preparing chopped apples for the 'scratter' and the hand-operated pressing equipment. A half glass each of freshly-squeezed, delicious apple juice was reward for their hard work.
Well done to the children and a thank you to FOSSS for their funding support, Mrs Hallet- for organising- and to Kevin for his direction and help.
English Lesson in Year 6
Who would have thought that such a buzz would be created when looking for "adverbials" in our text. Great learning from Year 6- well done!

Ultimate Frisbee

This term Year 6 are trying out a new Invasion game in their PE, with the help of Mr. Upston from St Luke's High School. Mr McLeod asked Mr Upston to try out something new with the children and it was an ideal opportunity to experience Ultimate Frisbee. With half the class away at the Exeter School enjoying their swimming, there is much more space on the court and we will be able to  enjoy some proper games in the weeks ahead. Here, you can see some “crocodile” catches and some excellent backhand techniques. The children really picked it up quickly, while Mr McLeod’s side throw continues to test his Growth Mindset.