April 2017

25th April 2017
Today we had a very exciting day for two reasons, firstly we had the great Explorer dome come and see KS1 and 2 engaging and exciting us with wonderful science. We then were treated to playing Street Football, Dodgeball and Target Practise using an inflatable goal!
Explorer Dome
Year 1 and 2 were the first to experience their science chemistry show. They were engaged and inspired watching how bubbles can be played with. It was really great and the children learnt a lot! Year 3 and 4 were next, they had a mind blowing demonstration learning about chemical reactions and how to apply science to make the impossible seem possible! In the afternoon, Year 5 ventured into the dome, crawling through to the open space. They were enthralled by the transformation of the dome into the night sky, looking at constellations, learning how to identify these and how to find the North Star. They were even left feeling a bit dizzy after the night sky was spinning. Finally, Year 6 entered the dome and learnt about light - they developed their learning on prisms and had a really enjoyable time!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Explorer Dome, those who purchased items from the TIGER sale and for FOSSS for allowing this exciting opportunity for happening!
Exeter City FC - Reward Day
This afternoon Years 1-4 had the great opportunity to play Street Football, Dodgeball and Target Practise using inflatable goals. Exeter City FC came and provided this great afternoon. There were Exeter City coaches leading the activities, providing support and encouragement and we were extremely lucky to be joined by 7 of Exeter City's first team players. We also had a meeting with Grecian the Lion. The children were given a programme each and got them signed by the players - we also got a football signed which will be displayed in the entrance hall.
A massive thank you to Stuart Davies from Exeter City for organising this afternoon and also a huge thank you to the players for taking time to come and see the children - they had an amazing afternoon!