Nursery 2017

  • Ms Sue Tong

    Nursery Teacher

  • Mrs Linda Lockyer

    Nursery Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Laura Hallett

    Reception Teacher

  • Mrs Pam Barnes

    Reception Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Heidi Riezzo

    PPA Cover

Welcome to the Nursery class page. In Nursery, the teacher is Ms Sue Tong and the Teaching Assistant who helps with our learning is Mrs Linda Lockyer. 
We learn alongside Reception in our Foundation Stage Unit. In Reception the teacher is Mrs Laura Hallett and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Pam Barnes.
Nursery children learn through planned, play-based activities both indoors and outside every day. Children are encouraged to sing nursery rhymes at home, to practice writing their names and to count on their fingers.
Collaborative Water Play! July 19th 2017
Nursery children worked together with the water last week. Watch them sharing the water and the gutters, taking turns to pour and collect the water, filling and refilling from different places and the excitement of watching the water flow along the gutters!
They are also developing their gross motor skills as they lift, pour and catch the water as well as improving their social skills; to share, take turns and cooperate with one another. 
Great learning through play in Nursery. 
Farming Fun Day  Thursday 13th July 
What a lot of fun we had today at our Farming Fun Day! We made animal pictures, played with animals in sawdust and straw, we walked in mud, printed with vegetables, sang our favourite farm songs and read farm stories. Later, we danced The Farmer's in the Dell and other circle dances. 
Thank you to everyone who joined in and helped to make our end of term family day so successful.
Expressive Arts and Design  July 5th 2017
Here are some photos of Nursery children being creative. They have developed the learning skills of exploring, trying things out and having Stickability to keep going when something is hard!
When your child brings something home from Nursery you can ask them to tell you about their project and how they made it. You could try making things at home during the holidays and at weekends. This will help them develop their language skills and their physical control of simple tools such as scissors and pens.
Families can buy a membership for the Scrapstore which has hundreds of inspiring things to use! Ask us if you would like details. 
Craft Off!
Wednesday 8th June
Parents and friends from Year Four joined Nursery children today to create beautiful, sparkly and funny circles using odds and ends from the Exeter Scrap Store. We used our circles to make a fantastic piece of art in the hall and everyone came along to see it. It was wonderful to see our youngest children cooperating so well with their parents or new friends from Year Four. 
The Scrap Store sells recycled materials very cheaply to schools, organisations and families. You can become a member and buy a whole big, bin bag of scrap for just £6.50. The Scrap Store is located in Belmont Park. Their website can easily be found by searching for Exeter Scrap Store or ask Ms Tong for details. 
Mathematical Learning in Nursery 25th May 2017
Here are some photos of the ways in which we have been learning about shapes and sizes in Nursery in the past two weeks. 
Wednesday 17th May    Rainy Day in Nursery
We love a rainy day in Nursery! It gives us a chance to go out and splash in the puddles, sweep the water away, rescue snails and mix powder paint. It's great fun to play chase in the rain and run through the big puddles.
We have waterproof trousers and jackets at Nursery and some children bring in their wellies to wear, others wear our spare wellies. Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothes at Nursery every day. As you can see we like to experience everything and we sometimes get muddy, paint splattered and wet! 
WOW learning in Nursery!  Friday 12th May
We have been having some fantastic experiences in Nursery in the past two weeks! So many things going on inside and outside as well as making new friends with Tomas and Harry Hurley. 
Here are some photos of us doing amazing things together. 
Please remember to bring in your WOW slips from home so we can see what children having been doing with their families.
Summer Term Newsletter April 2017
Please click on the PDF below to read our Summer Newsletter. 
Mark Making in Nursery April 2017
Children have been keen to explore how to make marks in different ways and for different purposes. We have been drawing and writing for our role play cafe: menus, lists and pictures of foods. At home families could show children how pictures and writing help grown ups with cooking, shopping and using food in the kitchen. Encourage your child to recognise pictures and words on cereal boxes and favourite foods and they are beginning to read! 
Half Termly Plan and Newsletter 23.2.17
Please click on the PDFs below to see our plan for the Foundation Unit, including Nursery children and our Nursery Newsletter. The plan is a map of where we intend to take the children on their learning journey but we also follow the children's interests and sometimes change elements of the plan to meet their needs and extend their fascinations.
Please ask us if you would like to know more. A paper copy of the plan is attached to the Parents' Noticeboard in the Cloakroom. 
Drop In Date: Wednesday 29th March 3.00 p.m.
Parents are invited to join us on Wednesday for our Drop In session. This is a special time when we show you our learning. We will be singing two of our travelling songs and showing you our Learning Journey books. You will have a chance to speak to the teaching staff about our learning and find out about helping children's learning at home. Please do come along even if it is not the session which your child usually attends. 
See you on Wednesday!  
Welly Time Tuesday 21st March
We went outside on Tuesday and we were being like the Curiosity Cops looking very carefully for different colours in natural and man made materials.
Then we sat in the Gazebo and watched the sky; we could see big, black clouds moving along the sky and then the wind started to blow! Ms Tong blew some bubbles and we watched them go up, up, up! Then it started to rain. 
Transport Models February 28th 2017
Nursery children have been learning to sing, act out and make the sounds for a transport song called We All Go Travelling By. They have been playing with transport toys and making their own models. 
Teddy Bear Hospital Tuesday 7th March 
Please bring your teddy or cuddly toy  to Nursery on Tuesday morning. We have the Doctors from the Teddy Bear hospital coming to visit us and teach us what doctors and nurses do to help people when they are not feeling well. If you just come for the afternoon you can also bring your teddy and we will show you what we have found out. 
Playing and Learning Together March 9th 2017
We have had a great week together this week. Some lovely new friends have started coming to school and we have been getting along with each other really well. Here are some photos of us playing and learning together. 
Welly Time Wednesday 15th March
Today we have been on a tree walk around our grounds looking at how the trees are changing. Children were very good at finding trees and we saw that some trees have no leaves, some have little leaves, some have buds and some have blossom. We made marks on paper by doing bark rubbings then we played on the new, soft grass. It was great fun to roll down the slope, run up and down or just lie on the grass and watch the clouds go by.