Autumn 1 2019

Week Beginning 14.10.19
This week we went out on a Welly Walk to look for spider webs! Children were interested to see the tiny water droplets on the spiders' webs and they wondered where all the spiders had gone because we didn't see any at all. 
We learned how to walk in a line to move around the school grounds and how to stay in a line, safely holding the hand rail, when we go up and down the steep stairs. For some children, this was the first time they had tried to walk in a line and they needed lots of reminders to stay in the same place, look where they were going and not bump into the person in front! Practising this is important so that when we have a fire drill we will be able to move safely and quickly to our safe place on the main playground.
Children have been showing more interest in print this week; looking at books together without an adult, making their own marks on paper and with chalk, talking about the marks they make as they draw or paint. We will make sure they have plenty of different materials and opportunities to explore mark and meaning making both inside and outside when we come back to school after the holiday. 
Everyday we are learning to sing and act out nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes have been shown to be very important to help children learn about language: rhythm, rhyme, patterns in words, expression and intonation, narrative and the sounds and meanings of words themselves. We use songs combined with finger counting to develop understanding of numbers: the order of numbers and the size of numbers themselves. The video below shows children singing and starting to move their fingers to the song about the naughty fish "1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive!" It was recorded on a Friday afternoon just before home time which is why the children are a little bit sleepy! 
Week Beginning October 7th 2019
This week Nursery children have continued to be interested in building structures, especially tall ones and decorated towers. We had fun with our work experience student building a very tall tower and seeing if it was taller than the children and adults in the room.
We all enjoyed the Dressing Up day, we had a lot of superheroes and had a great time sorting out monsters and rescuing a teddy from the pond area! 
In Nursery we take every opportunity to develop children's understanding of number and how numbers are used to solve problems. This week children helped me to select the right number of cartons of milk and told me when I didn't put the right number out. They also took an interest in making marks, like a tally chart, when we were digging for worms. One of the children decided to write a small line when they found a baby worm. What a good idea! 
We have been playing games with sounds too, children enjoyed matching the sounds made by different instruments and talking about sounds; loud, quiet, fast and slow. These activities are really important to help children listen to and hear sounds before they start to learn to read and write. 
Week Beginning 30th September 2019
What an incredibly creative week we have had in Nursery this week. Children have been very hard working with many different types of building; blocks, shapes, construction kits and loose parts. It has also been great to see children sometimes working together to build, or play with, the buildings they have made.
We have also been doing some creative mark making this week with paints, markers on white boards, water on the blackboard and making huge splatter paintings outside! 
I wonder what adventures we will have next week? 
Week Beginning 23.9.19
Nursery children have been fascinated by bubbles and daddy-long-legs (crane flies) this week. We have found the insects in all sorts of places and the children have been really good at finding them, fishing them out of water and counting them. 
Children have asked to have the bikes out this week. We have a new rule about them: be safe and wear a helmet. 
We started blowing bubbles with plastic bubble blowers but then we discovered we could blow bubbles through other holes too. The long tubes from our musical boom whackers were really good but it took a lot of slow blowing to make a big bubble. Watch the video below to see how it works!
We have also been getting back into the groove with our Dough Disco sessions. Children have to hold and dance with a piece of play dough. They are getting really good at holding onto the dough and moving to the beat of the music. There's s short video below to give you an idea of our moves! 
In the Moment Planning 19.9.19
We have been following children's interests this week and providing a variety of experiences to capture and extend their learning.
They have been fascinated by the apples growing in our grounds so we have been picking and eating them as well as using apples and bananas to make and taste fruit smoothies.
Children have been enjoying using the grassy slope to slide, roll and tumble down a large plastic sheet. They have found many ways to travel and kept themselves safe while doing it. Some children have been interested in building with shapes; they have built beds and houses, even a space bed shaped like a rocket! This has lead on to learning about the names and properties of simple shapes such as triangles and squares. 
We have all enjoyed lots of lovely outside learning in the beautiful sunny weather. 
Back to Nursery! September 10th 2019
We have been busy at Nursery in the first few days since we have returned from the Summer Holiday. Children have been fascinated by the apples which are growing in our garden. They enjoy finding them, counting and sometimes eating them! They have also been exploring the new layout to our outside classroom, finding new ways to use familiar equipment and playing lots of fun games with their old and new friends. 
Autumn Newsletter 
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