Autumn Term 2018

Christmas Home-learning
Set: Monday 17th December 2018 - Due: Monday 7th January 2019
See copy below :)
Christmas Party - Tuesday 18th December 2018
This morning, Year 5 and 6, along with their teachers and TAs, joined forces to celebrate their Christmas Party! Gathered in the hall, there was a game of musical statues, the chocolate game where the children have to dress in a Christmas hat, oven gloves and an apron before attempting to eat a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork! The children had a game of pass the parcel, popped and played with balloons and pulled crackers. There was an enormous amount of delicious food - thank you to all the parents who provided this! Also, a massive thank you to all of the donations for Exeter Foodbank. This year, Mrs Briggs challenged the school to bring a donation for Exeter Foodbank along side their party food. The kind donations will bring some Christmas happiness to lots of people in our local area, so thank you again!
Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thursday 13th December 2018
Today was our school Christmas lunch. We decorated hats and, in aid of Save the Children, wore Christmas jumpers. It's been a really good day!
Design & Technology - Autumn Term 2, 2018
This half-term, Year 5 have been researching, designing and creating their own felt Christmas decorations. With the help of Miss Woodhouse and Mrs Goff, the children have learnt new skills including how to start and finish their sewing; how the thread a needle and how to do different stitches. It has been great fun! The decorations are nearly complete, Year 5 can't wait to bring them home to share! 
Children in Need - Friday 16th November 2018
Today, to support 'Children in Need', along with the whole school, Year 5 came in with their pyjamas and teddies. They had special spotty and Pudsey biscuits and break time and have been thinking about how their support for 'Children in Need' might bring some peace to their lives.
Very generous, Year 5!
Shared Reading - Wednesday 14th November 2018
This afternoon, Year 5 visited Foundation to share books and read with the children in Nursery and Reception. All of the children were really engaged and enjoyed talking about the books they were sharing!
Thank you to Nursery and Reception for inviting us; we can't wait to do it again!
Orienteering and Bush Craft - Escot - Monday 12th November 2018
To link with their topic of 'Marvellous Maps', year 5 travelled by coach to 'Wild Wood' Escot to take part in some orienteering and bust craft. Wrapped up warm, the children eagerly put their learning from class into practice as they read maps and used compasses to solve clues and find eight explorers and what they found around the park. Whilst trying to find the explorers, the children were able to see all kinds of animals which Escot have to offer - including, wild bores, red squirrels, wolves and even otters. The children even got to have a go on the drop slide and zip wire!
After eating their lunch the children and teachers ventured into the forest to have a go at making their own fires. They needed to collect their own wood and using steel and flint had a go at lighting them; some needed some 'magic beans' (wax) but all of the groups got a fire started. The fire making was particularly impressive as it was raining whilst we were making them. The children also had an opportunity to build a shelter - we discussed how it is important to create a sturdy frame and to make sure it is waterproofed! There were some great efforts!
Year 5 had a fantastic day of learning and fun! Thank you to 'Wild Wood' Escot for providing such a great day! Thank you also to the parents for their contributions to the trip and to FOSSS for providing some funding for the coach hire! 
Cross Country Event - Thursday 8th November 2018
Despite the wind, little bit of mud and ominous looking sky, Years 5 and 6 traveled by coach to Killerton to take part in the Cross Country event.
Running an amazing, 1300m (just under 1 mile), both the girls and boys showed true resilience and determination!
Well done to all of you for taking part - you should be proud of yourselves! 
Thank you to those at St. Luke's and Miss Wilson for organising!
Energy in a Play - Drama Workshop - Friday 19th October 2018
Today, Year 5 worked alongside Alan from 'Pals Theatre to Education'. PALS has worked with E.ON since 2013 to help children to learn about energy in a fun and engaging way as part of E.ON's Energise Anything education programme.
Year 5 worked along side Alan and considered different ways in which we used and make energy. We considered ways of creating energy which are more sustainable and also thought about how we can make changes to our energy consumption, at both school and home, to support the world.
Year 5, with the support of Alan, created a drama play about energy and presented it to the whole school. In the play we meet the E.ON-ators, people who don't want to waste energy; Lord Electron and his gang, who want to steal the energy from planet Earth and also the 'Wasteful Family' who waster their energy - meaning they also waste their money, too.
It was finished with a song, where Year 5 encouraged the whole school to think wisely and not aste energy. 
It was a great day! Take a look at our videos below :)
I was very impressed with your attitude, learning and bravery, Year 5! You were all so confident during the performance and helped to deliver a very important message - a marble will be going into your jar! Miss Woodhouse :)
Visit to Exeter City Football Club - Thursday 18th October 2018
This afternoon, Year 5 were given the amazing opportunity to have a tour of Exeter City Football Club. As part of their PE this half-term, Year 5 have been working with Exeter City community Trust to consider physical activity, nutritional education and the importance of a healthy diet and active life style. Pete and Dom from ECCT have been joining us once a week where we have enjoyed sessions related to body, nutrition, the importance of exercise and information of food groups, in line with the recommendations outlined in the Government’s ‘Eatwell Guide’. We have then had practical sessions where we have played competitive games of football, dodgeball and handball.
To finish our sessions, and to celebrate the children's great attitudes, Year 5 had a tour of Exeter City's football grounds - we were able to see the changing rooms, walk pitch side and go into the dugouts. We were also very lucky to go and see their new stand - The Stagecoach Adam Stansfield Stand. It was very exciting!
Thank you to Exeter City Community Trust for organising this opportunity for us!
We're off to Wembley - Thursday 11th October 2018
Well not exactly Wembley, but hopefully something just as exciting. To finish off our work we have been doing with Exeter City Community Trust, Year 5 will be going to the St. James's Park football grounds next week. We will finish the final part of our booklet - thinking about how we can be healthy - then, we will be having a tour of the grounds with Pete and Dom. We are very exciting - take a look at the reaction below :)
World Mental Health Day - Wednesday 10th October 2018
Today is World Mental Health Day, as such, Year 5 have been discussing their own and others mental health. We have discussed how important it is to talk about and share our feelings and also how it is important to look after our mental health. We looked at our '10 a day' and chose one in particular which we want to focus on.
Between some of our learning  today, we took a break and stayed active in mind and body by completing a 'Go Noodle'.
We know that mental health is important and that we MUST share our feelings!
National Poetry Week
This week, beginning Monday 1st October 2018, is National Poetry Week; National Poetry Day is on Thursday 4th October 2018.
To celebrate poetry, Year 5 were tasked with choosing and learning a poem off by heart. This afternoon, we recited them in front of a green screen.
Take a look at some of them below.
Apple Pressing with Kevin Cotter - Wednesday 26th September 2018
This morning, outside of the Nursery and Reception classrooms, Year 5 had a go at some apple pressing. After discussing with Kevin the different types of apples, the children had to choose a 'good' apple - those that were moldy, eaten or bruised were not to be wasted but put into a bucket for his pigs to eat. Once they had chosen their apple, the children washed it, cut is using a knife and the bridge hold and then placed it into the presser. When we had enough apples in the presser, Kevin began to pulverise the apples allowing all of their wonderful juices to come out. 
Once all the juice had been squeezed, year 5 were able to enjoy a refreshing and tasty, organic glass of apple juice - not before 'wassailing' the trees, thanking them for their crop. The children really enjoyed themselves! 
Thank you to Mrs Hallett, Kevin and FOSSS who made this exciting opportunity happen!
Exeter City Community Trust PE - Move and Learn Project

This half-term we are very lucky to be joined by Exeter City FC encourage physical activity, promote nutritional education and build awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and active life style. Exeter City Community Trust are going to join us once a week. Each session will comprise of a 45 minute practical session (2x dodgeball, 2x football and 2x handball) followed by a 45 minute session on topics related to the body, nutrition, the importance of exercise and information of food groups, in line with the recommendations outlined in the Government’s ‘Eatwell Guide’.


Thursday 13th September 2018


Today, we were joined by Pete and Dom. During the theory session, they worked with us to discuss why we should exercise, how to check our pulse rates and about flexibility and stamina. For the practical session, we practiced our dribbling and control skills using a football - we had great fun!


Thursday 20th September 2018

This afternoon, we learnt about the human body. We found out that adults have 206 bones and more than 600 muscles in their bodies. We also found out, from Pete, what the organs in our bodies are used for. Very interesting stuff! Following our physical literacy session, we went outside and continued with our football skills - working in teams to pass the ball, refining our skills practiced last week.


Thursday 27th September 2018


This afternoon, we focused upon looking at the 'Eat Well Plate', considering what would make a healthy meal. After this, we went outside with and Dom led a session on dodgeball - it was great fun!

Plastic Free Generation - Monday 10th September 2018
At the end of last term, St. Sidwell's was visited by a team from 'Row for the Ocean' discussing with children about the pollution, particualrly from plastic, that is appearing in our oceans and seas.
This week, we were asked to create some artwork that 'Row for the Ocean' can use for their boat unveiling at the Cosy Club, Exeter on Thursday 13th September 2018.
This afternoon, Year 5 got very creative and made some sea creatures from plastic bottles - highlighting the sadness that plastic in the ocean can create for our sea creatures!
Welcome back after the Summer Holidays. I hope that you had a lovely time and are ready for a new year of learning and fun! We have some exciting things to look forward to this term - let's get our learning journey started!