Summer 2 2019

Monday July 22nd 2019  Potato Snack Time!
We are all our potatoes on Monday! They were delicious with some parsley butter which we made. Later, we cooled off in our tuff tray paddling pool! 
Potato Harvest! Friday 12th July 2019
On Friday we tipped up the potato bags and shook the plants to find the new potatoes which have been growing since we planted the seed potatoes in the spring. We filled up a huge pot with them and are looking forward to trying them soon at snack time. 
Can you help wash some toys? 15th July 2019
We need to give our toys their annual bath! If you could help by taking some toys home to put in your washing machine we would be really grateful. Also, if you have any old pillowcases to hold the toys in a washing machine that would help. 
Cultural Day Chinese Crafts and Learning Monday 8th July
On Monday we had a fantastic time learning about China. We tasted some Chinese food, danced to Chinese music, tried some tai chi exercises with Mrs Wang, and made some Chinese flags, lanterns,  dragons and tea. Later, we went to assembly and sang the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Chinese with our friends in Reception. We had a lovely day and really enjoyed finding out about China.
Chicken Dance! Friday 28th June
We have been practising a chicken dance all week. On Friday we showed it to Mrs Willey. You can watch it on the video link below. 
Growing Chicks  Thursday 27th June
We have loved watching the chicks this week. They have started to grow feathers now and they sometimes try to jump and flap their small wings! 
Nursery children were very gentle holding the chicks in their hands. Then they all made a foam chick by cutting out a foam shape, snipping some yarn for feathers and drawing on their beaks, feet and eyes. 
We say goodbye to the chicks on Friday when they will be re-homed on a farm.
Welly Time Monday 24th June   Leaf Matching
In much of our learning recently we have been learning to notice when things are the same or different. On Monday we went out to find some leaves which were the same as the ones on the big piece of card. We had to use our eyes very carefully to be able to do this which is a really good pre-reading skill; being able to pay attention to details on things and notice when something looks the same. 
We have chicks! 
On Monday, the 17th of June, we had some Living Eggs delivered. Within two days nine chicks hatched in their incubator and today we moved them into the brooder box where they had their first drink of water and breakfast of chicken feed. 
Wet Weather Learning  Thursday 13th June
We had some very big puddles in the FSU outside area today so we went outside in our suits and boots to jump, slide and splash for a while. After that we made bubbly puddles with washing up liquid, added powder paints and mixed rainbows of colour! Someone remembered that we could make prints if we put paper on top of the paintings so we did! We created some fascinating textures and colours. 
At the end we had to wash it all away. This was great fun and a brilliant way to develop our large motor control muscles in our arms. 
Welly time walk Monday 10th June
Nursery went on a walk to look for things which are growing and things which cannot grow. They were very good at spotting them.
While they were out they had a practise at running on the tracks, getting in some practise for Sports Day. 
Week beginning 3rd June 2019
This week we have been learning to use an iPad to take photos of our faces showing different feelings. We have been learning the Old Testament story about the creation of the world and we have tasted some broad beans from the school allotment. 
Some children have been busy mixing and stirring in the outdoor mud kitchen and indoors using flour, powder paint and water. Stirring and mixing is very good exercise for developing hand and finger strength as well as being a fascinating way to explore materials and how they change. 
Other children have continued to be interested in making masks, hats and head bands. They have been finding out how to make holes and how to attach string and elastic. 
Nursery Newsletter Summer 2 2019
Below is a PDF version of the latest newsletter for parents. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.