Community Gardening

Community Gardening May 2018
Thank you to everybody who came and helped us to prepare the old amphitheatre slope ready for wild flower planting. We were blessed with beautiful weather and lots of enthusiasm.
Joy, the school gardener, has ordered some wild flower plugs (baby plants) to go into the ground in the very near future.
Community Gardening May 2018 Part 2
Today we worked to plant wild flowers in the amphitheatre bank in glorious sunshine. 
It took a lot of agility to balance, let alone plant the tiny plants.
Later the children went to the allotment with Mrs Hallett while the parents did the tricky bits of planting.
The children tasted fresh broad beans and pulled up beetroots to eat at home before watering all the vegetables in the raised beds.
Thank you to all our helpers: adults and children.
What is growing in May?
Take a look at the raised allotment beds and spot the ruby chard (a bit like cabbage), the onions, the beetroot and the broad bean plants that Joy the gardener has planted for the children.
The nearby keyhole garden is full of strawberry plants.
In FSU Nursery have planted lots of potatoes.
Community Gardening Spring 2018
On Tuesday Januray 30th we braved the drizzle to work to tidy and brighten up our growing areas.
Parents and children from the Foundation Unit, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two joined in the fun!
Two children kindly took the following photographs for us.
Do you know what is growing at school?
The apple trees in the orchard will also be getting ready to grow new buds as will the cherry tree next to the court and the pear trees on the way to the Foundation Stage Unit. You can also spot Joy the gardener's hard work and the legacy of previous gardening afternoons.
Feeding the birds
It is important that birds have enough to eat when they are building nests and getting ready to have a new family. We made bird feeders to hang in the trees - look out for them!
We painted the extra mix on the trees for smaller birds to eat.
Community Gardening
On Monday 16th October we had our first session of the year. Two famillies worked with enthusiasm to clear the pond, tidy the wildlife area, move rubbish and plant broad beans.
Look below for the exciting creatures we found in and by the pond!