Cookery Club

Cookery Club- Tuesday 3.30 - 4.40pm
On Tuesdays, after school, a group of six to eight Year 6 children search for their inner Jamie Oliver, with Mr McLeod. The various smells of onion, garlic, slightly burnt bread and curries drift down the corridor from Key Stage 2 cookery area each week, tempting curious teachers to come beg for a taste. This half-term we will be cooking pizza, Spanish omelettes, soups and curry and, hopefully, the children will have some basic skills and recipes to try out at home on "willing" families after their six week course.
Omelettes this time!
A mixed success rate. Some had a little too much milk in there, others lacked ingredients, but some were very tasty and polished off quite quickly. Just in time, too, as teachers and TAs came looking for some left-overs! Some of the children generously shared, but some had eaten theirs up long before the adults arrived.
We finished off with some easy fruity shakes- mmm!
Requests for recipes are being met by those children in the Cookery and Media Clubs, so they should be appearing here soon. Keep eyes... and carrots? peeled.
Pasta Bake
It's amazing what you can do with similar ingredients... Helping to continue the vegetable chopping practice we produced tuna and chorizo pasta bakes (and a pasta and cheese sauce option for a fussier group member.) Again, gobbled down quickly and even leading to some children leaving late due to eating, this was a big success and helped us to finish off our peppers, onion and sausage. Lovely stuff.
Curry- 10th October
To celebrate National Curry week we duly obliged and cooked up two different veggie curries: a milder one for the tentative and a Madras-based option for the more hardened.
The good news is that both were very tasty (sweet potato particularly popular) and were served up with fluffy rice and our own version of cucumber and mint raita.
Although there are no photos of the cooking we do have a shot of Mrs Bland caught red-handed raiding the fridge for left overs. Shame on you, Mrs B