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New information from my e mail box
Una and Laura in Year 1 found this amazing creature.
It is a rat tailed maggot and will turn into a hover fly. 
Has anyone else found a fascinating creature that we can share here?
Can I introduce you to Darcy who has joined Year 2. He says he is more used to an 'apartment jungle' in Korea than British wildlife but he has just won the Devon Wildlife competition to create binoculars.
He is a perfect new friend for our wildlife friendly school!
This week has a great prize for the winner. I wish I was younger so I could enter.....
Devon Wildlife Trust also sent me information about an art and writing competition to explain why we should protect the countryside. I have put the link for more details and to download a competition entry form below. Or at info@cpredevon.org.uk.
Thank you to Alfie's mum for letting us know about Ocean Week which is led by Earthwatch:
Click here to find the link.
Wildlife Trusts world ocean day link: https://wildlifenews.co.uk/2020/wildvideo/the-wildlife-trusts-world-oceans-day/ for even more activities.......(optional).
This week the Wildlife Trusts '30 Days Wild' begins. There will be lots of ideas for free activities to get in touch with nature.
The RSPB also let you know what you can see around you at this time of year and will help you take care of fledgling birds nesting in your area.
The Woodland Trust also have some great outdoor activities for families on their site. If you do not wish to join you can search for Woodland Trust 'Spotter sheets' for great nature hunts and activities.
The World Wildlife fund have weekly plans of videos and activities suited more to KS2. This week's plans are at
Mr Mcleod meets  Foxy Sid.
Have a go at some bio-blitz ideas with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature or join in 30 days wild with the Devon Wildlife Trust (join the 30 days for free download the activity pack from the link below).
Why not help out the RSPB by reporting any swallows and swifts you see (they have just arrived where I live).
You can also join Plymouth Aquarium to see the sharks or to watch the underwater creatures on you tube for relaxation.
CONGRATULATIONS are due to Mathias in Year 1 who WON the Devon Wildlife competition last week. Here is the beautiful winning entry! Well done Mathias, you are a credit to the school!
If you would like to have a go at winning a competition too, take a look below for a local competition to help our environment and the latest Devon Wildlife competition. It would be so cool if some of our talented pupils entered.
Remember: 'You have to be in it to win it!'
Devon Wildlife Trust have lots of activities to get children thinking about the natural world during this tricky time.
This is great for well-being as well as being fun!
Each week they will launch a competition to enter too.
I have also added the Woodland Trust link to ten nature activities that can be experienced at home and as RSPB link if you and your children are interested in birds.