N Summer Term 2018

Picnic in the Park! July 24th 2018
We had a lovely visit to Belmont Park today. Thank you to everyone who came along and joined in with our picnic, play activities, climbing trees and playing circle games. Special thanks to our parents who walked to the park with us, helping us to stay safe and have fun on the equipment. 
Nursery News July 19th 2018
Although the classroom is starting to look a bit different, children are still doing some wonderful playing and learning as you will see from the photos and the video below. 
We hope you have enjoyed looking at the website this year and that you will also find your child's Learning Journey a fascinating record of their development and learning in our class. 
Sports Day  Friday 29th June
Nursery children did a fantastic job at Sports Day. They joined in with many different fun, physical activities run by Year Five and Six. They also ran their races really well, both straight running races and ducking down to go through the hoops. Well done everyone and thanks to all the parents and families who came along to support us.
Tuesday 27th June  Windrush Willow Fish Workshop
We helped to make willow fish on Tuesday morning. Richard showed us how to weave reeds through and around the sides of a willow fish he had made for us. Our friends from Year Five came to help. Then we decorated our fish with coloured yarns. Soon we will hang our fish outside near the pond and you can come and see them! They look amazing. 
Friday 22nd June Water Play Day!
What a fantastic day we have had in Nursery today! The water slide was most children's favourite water activity but the squirters were a big hit too! We loved the water fountain and we saw rainbows when the sun shone through the water droplets. The children were really safe with the water and it was lovely to see them enjoying the perfect summer weather too. 
Butterfly Release! Wednesday 13th June
Today we went out into the wild garden to release some butterflies which had hatched in the classroom. We looked at them as they sat on the adults' hands before they flew off into the garden. Later, some children played caterpillars by covering themselves in long blankets and other children danced like butterflies with ribbons for wings. 
Summer Term Newsletter 2
Please find the latest Nursery Newsletter below.
Drop In Wednesday 23rd May 2018
We had a lovely time showing our songs, rhymes and story with parents and little brothers and sisters. Thank you for coming to see our learning and looking at our Learning Journals! 
Role Play Wedding and Outdoor Tea Party Friday 18th May 2018
We learned about weddings on Friday to help us understand what would be happening at the wedding of
Ms Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. All children in Foundation took part in the wedding. Some children were the family and friends of the bride and groom, others rode horses in the parade, we had page boys, bride's maids and a bride and groom too. Children sang a very happy song, played musical instruments and paraded to the traditional music for weddings "Here comes the bride" and "The Wedding March". Later we joined the rest of the school for scones and squash in the playgound.
Nursery have continued to play weddings asking for the wedding music and dressing up with flower bouquets and golden rings. 
Nursery's Outdoor Learning Friday 11th May 2018
Nursery have been involved in some exciting outdoor learning this week. Have a look at the photos in the album below to see what we have been doing!
Nursery News Thursday 3rd May 2018
Nursery have had a good week learning about bugs, patterns and words and pictures around us. We have spent lots of time outside playing and learning together. We had some unusual bugs visit us today! Look at our album below to see our visitors!
Rainy Day Learning! Friday 27th April
We put on our rain suits and boots and went out to play in the puddles. We practiced mixing red, blue and yellow powder paints in the puddles to see if we could make green and purple. It was very exciting to see the puddles change colours!
Summer Term Newsletter April 2018
Below you will find the latest Newsletter from the Nursery Team. Please let us know if you would like any further information
Nursery Learning April 24th 2018
We have had a great start to the summer term. 
Look at the amazing mini beasts we have been discovering in our grounds!
We have also been enjoying playing with some new resources like the newborn babies and the cogs. These toys have been purchased with money from FOSSS so thank you to all of our friends and family members who have helped to make this possible through fundraising.