Spring 1 2020

Hail Stones Excitement February 11th 2020
Playing and getting ready to write  30th January 2020
When children have rich play experiences, with different materials, tools and mark making equipment, they gradually develop the strength, dexterity, spacial awareness and pressure control they will need when they start to write. This is a long process and requires many physical and cognitive skills coming together to be able to form letters. In Nursery we will work with children when they are ready to begin learning to write their names using the school handwriting style, which is pre-cursive and uses a lower case script except for the capital letter at the start of a child's name. Please do ask if you would like any further information or ideas about supporting your child's finger, hand and wrist control.
The photos below show some of the many ways children are developing their pre-writing abilities in Nursery through play. 
Learning Outdoors Everyday! January 24th 2020
We have been outside playing and learning as usual this week except that we had ice and frost on two days which was very interesting. There was a lot to do with the ice such as smashing it, squirting it, collecting it and finding shapes and bubbles in it. We found that the sand had frozen on the ground and was very hard and all the water in our muddle puddle had turned to ice. 
Other areas of investigation included digging for worms and stones, drawing enormous pictures, building with nuts and bolts and finding new ways to build bridges, slides and cars! 
Mathematical Play: January 17th 2020
When young children are playing they explore and discover the world around them in many different ways. Below are some examples of the ways in which Nursery children are being mathematical when they are playing. It is especially important that young children experience shapes, space and sizes through their whole body and through movement to develop the spacial awareness necessary to understand and develop the skills of mathematics; this is called proprioception, whole body awareness. Each photo has a brief description of the mathematics involved; all the activities you see were chosen by the children and supported by their adults, this is what we call In the Moment Planning. Staff sensitively step in and may challenge children to do something new or to reinforce skills they are just beginning to use. 
Nursery Newsletter 13.1.2020
Please click on the PDF document below to read our latest Newsletter. Do ask if you have any questions or concerns.
Ms Tong