Autumn 2020

Outdoor Learning October 2020
We have a wonderful time learning outside where we can be messier, riskier and noisier than indoors! Children enjoy playing with mud, water, sand and large building materials all year round. There are many opportunities for learning in these ways including learning to be safe and take turns, how to share, looking after one another, the environment and the creatures that live in our grounds. 
Sometimes, children will get muddy and wet when they are playing. Please make sure your child has a full set of warm dry clothes in school in case they need to get changed at Nursery. 
Nursery Newsletter Autumn 2020
Please open the document below to read the latest newsletter from Nursery. 
Learning to write! October 2020
Children in Nursery explore many different ways of making marks as they develop the essential physical skills needed to become writers. Below are some recent examples of children making marks in different ways to express their ideas and communicate with the world.