Summer 1 2020

Virtual Art Gallery: Submissions invited from Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre May 5th 2020


If you would like your child's art to be part of a virtual exhibition you are invited to submit photos of their artwork, rainbows, drawings or anything else, to the email address in this link: 
Early Years Websites 
The Early Years Team at Devon County Council have recommended the websites below for families to use to support children's learning at home. 
Play and Learning at Home 14.4.20
Each day I will post at least one video with play and learning for Nursery to join in at home on Tapestry. If you have any problems accessing these videos please contact me using the Nursery email address:
I will attempt to put the video up early each morning, technology permitting, and I will respond to the children's photos or videos by 3.30 each day when I am working from home. On the week I am in school (April 27th) I may respond later in the day.  Please do let me know how you are getting on by emailing me at the Nursery email address. 
Below is a PDF showing the current learning milestones for Nursery children. I have made suggestions about how you can support your child's development at home as they play and talk with you. Please ask via email if you have any questions. 
Help with Tapestry Documents 16.4.20
Below are two documents to help you use Tapestry to upload photos of your child at home. One is for Android devices and the other is for IOS or Apple. They have really clear instructions about how to upload photos. I hope you find it helpful. Please email me at if you need any further information.