Autumn 2 2019

November 5th 2019
This week we have been doing lots of cooking. Yesterday Marie the cook came to help us mix Christmas cake mixture. We have also been making mud cakes and mud ice creams with fish on top. Which would you like to eat? We will be selling the Christmas cakes at the Christmas Fair.
Week Beginning October 28th 2019
This week there has been a lot of rain but that hasn't stopped us getting outside and digging for worms or "worm watching" as some of the children called it. Children were fascinated by the worms and so we brought them inside, sang a song about Wiggly Woo and a counting song called Five Little Words. We looked at a non-fiction book and found out about the important work worms do to look after the soil.
Children have been enjoying a repeating story called "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?" and they have been learning to say some of the words and put some actions with them too. As children liked the book so much we have been reading it everyday. They like to guess what colour the next animal will be.
Although it has been raining a lot we have still enjoyed playing with water but now that the weather is cooler we have brought the water inside. This week children practised pumping water out of bottles; this is a very good activity for developing hand and finger strength prior to learning to use pens and pencils to write letter shapes. They have also been mixing playdough and cutting bananas! More work for growing the strength of their fingers.