Our Staff

We have a wonderfully talented and committed staff team, pulling together to help make St. Sidwell’s school provide the best educational experience for children.  Teachers are usually in the playground after school if you would like to talk to them.
  • Mrs Charis Hughes


  • Mrs Clare Rice

    Class Teacher

  • Ms Sue Tong

    Nursery Teacher

  • Mrs Amy Clarke

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Tara Beards

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Debbie Tuohy

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Jean Goff

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Alison Statton

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mr Harri Best

    Teacher / HLTA

  • Miss Alice Warren

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Ffion Reed

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Yulia Weir

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Verity Dodd

    Teaching Assistant/ Cleaner

  • Mrs Gill Fuke

    Librarian / Teaching Assistant

  • Mr Roy Briggs

    Site Manger

  • Mrs Fiona May

    Office Administrator / ICT Assistant

Fun Club Staff
Play Leaders
Jackie Willey, Kimberley Endicott, Jessie Seward
Play Workers
Fiona Mundy, Tahmina Begum, Jo Goff
Fiona May
Crossing Patrol
Jo Goff
  • Mrs Laura Hallett

    Class Teacher

  • Miss Katarina Woodhouse

    Class Teacher

  • Mr Keith McLeod

    Class Teacher

  • Miss Sarah Wilson

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Samantha Hillier

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Pam Barnes

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Samira Souyad

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Linda Lockyer

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Jessie Seaward

    Teaching Assistant / Play Leader

  • Miss Kimberley Enticott

    Early Years Apprentice / Play Leader

  • Mrs Jane Brown

    Senior Administrator

  • Mrs Joanna Williams

    Office Administrator

  • Mrs Jackie Willey

    Meal Time Supervisor/ Play Leader

  • Mrs Nicki Shokar

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Jo GOff

    Play Worker

Meal Time Assistants
Jackie Willey, Verity Dodd, Debbie Tuohy, Hayley Pengelly, Tahmina Begum, Nicola Cawley
Cleaning Staff
Verity Dodd, Jo Goff
Kitchen Staff
Jo Goff, Lorraine Aggett, Michelle