Outdoor Learning - children and the community and the apple harvest

The staff at St Sidwell's recognise the value of Outdoor Learning and work outside regularly to enhance the curriculum on offer.
The Community Gardening sessions support the development of the grounds while you may see Joy the gardener helping us out with maintenance too.
The Green Team have also been essential in leading new initiatives in school and spreading positive messages about the outdoors to their peers. 
Having more adventures.....
Mrs Hallett leads Outdoor Learning and Sustainability in school and has worked for many years to develop the grounds with this in mind.
At the heart of this work lies the desire for children at St Sidwell's to have little adventures in their lives. This may be going on minibeast hunts, building dens, growing and harvesting food, cooking over a fire or learning to use tools responsibly and safely.
Within the grounds we have developed an orchard, a den building area, a blind walk ( a secret path to be guided along), new raised beds to replace the old allotment and a newly lined pond and developing wildlife area. (Pictures of previous work can be find alongside Green Team in 'clubs' on the website.)
We have great support in our work from parents who volunteer alongside their children at Community Gardening sessions. Why not come along and join in our next session? Dates of these can be found in The Bell.
Apple Harvest
On Tuesday the whole school had the opportunity to Harvest apples from our orchard with Mrs Hallett.
In the afternoon Nursery and Reception children collected the apple harvest from the trees in the Foundation Stage outdoor area.
Every child has been asked to bring an additional apple to school for our apple pressing day on Thursday.
Apple Pressing with Kevin Cotter from West Town Farm in Ide
Find out about more that is on offer with Kevin at http://www.lovelocalfood.org.uk/
Year 5 are preparing materials to illustrate the day (due here soon) as part of their focused work on Harvest.
See too, the information on the Reception Class page.
Our amazing Green Team for the academic year 2016  have created a guide to the fruit and vegetables that we are growing at school this year.
Welly Time in Nursery Monday 18th September 
We went for a walk to look at fruit growing around our school. The pear tree was heavy with lovely big pears so we picked them and took them back to Nursery along with other things we had found on our walk. 
Planting - Year 5 - Monday 17th July 2017
This half term in science, year 5 have been learning about living things and their habitats. As part of this learning, we explored the reproduction of plants. We discussed and learnt what sexual and asexual reproduction is and then we took some cuttings from a geranium plant. 
We left the cuttings with water and sunlight and waited until we saw some roots. Last week, we noticed roots were coming through - it was very exciting. As the roots were getting longer, one plant even started to flower, we decided it was time to plant them.
A group of year 5 children, put the soil in a trunk, added some water retaining crystals and then put the cuttings in. We are going to keep a close eye on them to see if they continue to thrive, so watch this space!