R Spring Term 1 : 2018

Welcome back and Happy New Year!
The term has got off to a great start with a visit by Paddleboat Theatre. Have a look at the work the  children were doing (below). 
We have a new curriculum jigsaw and a newsletter where you can find out what your child is learning this half term.
Finally do not forget that MONDAY is when we have parents and children reading together from 8.45 until 9.10 am.
Paddleboat Theatre visit
We played some fun games and then worked with the actors to show different emotions with our bodies and faces. Later we built castles, ships and planes with our friends using our bodies. We were all able to join in and have a go.
Our class heroes
We are using our own super hero powers to help other people in class. Each day two children are our class super heroes and they try and look out for ways to help other people during the day.
Looking after ourselves
We were lucky enough to have two doctors who visited us to talk about healthy living last Friday. Ned's mum and dad let us try out torches to look into our friends mouths, bandages and masks for oxygen or medicine.
The Big Birdwatch
We all watched for birds for a short time during our allocated hour for the RSPB survey. The children had a birdie day making binoculars and bird puppets and taking their seed bird-feeders home that they had made in welly time.
Getting ready for Lent
We talked about how Christians get ready for Lent. We had a pancake party. The real Shrove Tuesday is next week in the holiday and then we have 40 sleeps until Easter.
Our Library Trip
We were excited to walk to the library and many of the children reassured me that they knew where to go if I got lost!
You will be proud to know that a number of members of the public commented on how beautifully behaved the children were - a real credit to the school.
If you do not belong to the library please ask me for a membership form. Membership is free and there are lots of activities to do at the library in addition to borrowing some of their fantastic books.
Community Talk Event March 7th 2018
Below are some suggestions for ways to enhance children's thinking and talking through different ways of speaking with them.