Reception 2017

  • Mrs Laura Hallett

    Teacher and Foundation Stage Leader

  • Mrs Pam Barnes

    Reception teaching assisstant

  • Mrs Linda Lockyer

    Teaching Assistant

  • Ms Susan Tong

    Nursery Teacher

  • Ms Heidi Riezzo

    PPA cover

Welcome to our Reception Class which is part of the school's Foundation Stage Unit.
The teacher is Mrs Laura Hallett and Mrs Pam Barnes is the teaching assistant.
We also have Ms Heidi Riezzo who takes the class on a Tuesday afternoon to cover PPA time. 
Ms Sue Tong the Nursery teacher and Mrs Linda Lockyer are also part of our Foundation Stage team.
We have PE on a Monday and Wednesday. After Easter we learn to change into our PE kit and so we will need our PE kit in every day. We will also be having PE on a Thursday with a PE specialist.
Home Learning
Please spend at least 10 minutes hearing your child read each day. Sharing a book by reading alternate pages is a great way to keep the story going while still challenging your child. If your child reads the odd numbered pages on the first reading, ask them to read the even numbered pages the next day.
From time to time we will also send home other games or activities to support your child's learning. For example, following the teaching of Phase 2 (and later Phase 3) Letters and Sounds we will send home information on how your child is progressing with their phonics and which sounds they need further help with.
Summer Term in Reception
 Take a look at the infant Sports Day photographs on the school website's gallery.
RE: The Creation
We heard the story of the creation.
We thought about what God did and how it might have been possible.
Could we make the whole world together?
ow might we do that?
What might we use?
Look at the fantastic activities that we tried at West Town Farm
You might also like to take a look at the wonderful writing that the children have produced. This is currently on display in the classroom near the computers.
The FOSSS association arranged for the Exeter Scrapstore to visit. The children made designs based on circles to be part of a whole school display later in the week.
Some parents came to help us out with our designs.
 Welcome to a new term and our new topic 'Growing'. Have a look at our photos and information to learn more.
Drop In is on the Wednesday of the last week at 3pm.
Please come and share your child's Learning Journey with them and hear our new songs.
We have been learning about Easter traditions.
We took our teddies to school for a day. We were excited to find some of the teddies had patterns on their clothes. A kind parent gave us special teddy snacks to share with our bears.
Look at our amazing World Book Day costumes.
We have been exploring repeating pattern, symmetry and doubles in class. 
Stomp! Chomp! Big Roars! Here come the dinosaurs!
What a great Dinosaur Day we had in Reception. All the children and staff dressed up as dinosaurs for a dinosaur themed morning. In the afternoon we performed dinosaur songs, rhymes and danced our 'Dino Stomp' for parents and carers and then we shared the dinosaur biscuits that the children had cooked as part of their learning while we enjoyed the fantastic work in the children's Learning Journeys.
Dinosaur Mark Making and Writing Afternoon
Thank you for the tremendous support you gave us on our afternoon designed to share how we teach writing in the Foundation Stage. It was great to see so many parents and children working together to share activities to develop skills in handwriting, including dancing to music in 'Squiggle while you Wiggle' (to develop muscle control and perseverance for handwriting and teaching how to form numbers and letters correctly), story telling, spelling (including spelling nuts and bolts, spelling duplo and spelling stones) and writing labels, lists, notes and letters.
Our resident dinosaur 'Steggy'  also joined us. He has been having a sleepover in Reception since his delivery at the start of our topic. He is now at home recovering from writer's cramp due to  writing replies to all the letters that the children have written to him!
Your support was invaluable and I am sure it will help motivate the children and help you to support their writing skills outside school.