Reception Autumn Term 1 : 2018

Welcome to our Reception class.
I am planning lots of exciting learning and adventures.
We will have a big focus on our core Nursery and Number rhymes during the first weeks. A list is shown below and if any are unfamiliar take a look on you tube so that you can help your child learn to them or ask a member of the Foundation Stage Unit Staff. (Please double check the content of any footage before you share it with your child.)
Take a look below at what we will be learning about. There is a copy of the newsletter in case you misplace your own one.
Help your child learn to read and write meeting
Monday 17th September at 2.45pm in the Reception Classroom
Help your child with maths meeting
Monday 8th October in the Reception Classroom
Take a look at the photographs on the cloakroom walls and see what the children have been doing over their first week in school.
I am sure you will be proud of them already!
What a busy week. We have picked apples from the orchard. We have used a machine to peel and core them to eat for snack. 
In addition to our harvest we have used apples from home to wash, chop, squash in an apple press and make our own St Sidwell's apple juice.