Reception Autumn Term 2

Thank you to all our families for the continuing support that you have given your children and the school.
The children themselves continue to impress us daily with their joy of learning and enthusiasm.
All the staff wish you a happy and safe break and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.
NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY - We are planning a 'learning together' community afternoon for the Foundation Stage Unit on the afternoon of Wednesday the 23rd of January from 1.30 until 3.30. We hope you or a friend or relative will be able to come and learn with your child. 
We are aiming for a lighthearted afternoon to show how to support your child as they learn to write.
Welcome back to the topic 'Into the Woods'. We are looking forward to celebrating the 5th of November with a bonfire and learning about how to keep safe near fire. We are also preparing for our first school trip to Stover Woods and Country Park near Newton Abbot. Please take a look at the newsletter and curriculum details for more information.
Reading together sessions
are on Friday mornings at 8.45 until 9.10. 
This week and next  week you can take home a game that will help you to support your child's progress in reading. 
Help your child to learn their Letters and Sounds
Every week I will post the letters that we are re-visiting. It will help your child with their reading and writing if you can try out the suggested ideas.
In class we sing the Jolly Phonics songs (that can be found on You Tube) to help the children memorise the letter sounds. 
Remember that in class we are writing our letters in lower case (except for names or the beginning of a sentence) and using a 'whoosh'!
Mr Teach (again on You Tube) -  cursive handwriting 'How to write the letters' is something that might help you to understand the formation we are teaching the children at school. The children really enjoy watching this and writing the letters in the air - if you have a tablet they could trace them with a finger on the screen.
Our tricky words so far are.....
I       go     the   no   to     into
These are words that the children need to be able to read without using their phonics. They will come across these in the early reading books and knowing them by sight will help children gain confidence in their reading.
In the Spring term the children will be learning to write and spell these simple words and learning to read additional tricky words.
Have a look below for advice on how to help your child achieve their full potential.
This week we are remembering what we have been taught to say when someone does something we do not like.
'Please don't do that, I don't like it.'
If we are doing the upsetting thing we are going to remember that we must stop it when someone says this.
Today we learnt how to keep safe near a fire. We learnt and sang simple songs about fireworks. Later we made firework pictures with a splatter painting technique and invented some firework dance moves.
What an exciting visit by the University students today. We enjoyed a teddy bear hospital where we learnt about how doctors look after our hearts, bones and health. We learnt about immunisations and x-rays and about the importance of keeping our hearts healthy. Oh, and our teddies joined in!
We had a great trip to Stover Country Park and the children were enthusiastic and excited during the visit. We went on a Bear Hunt in the forest and found long grass followed by a river to cross and a lot of mud to squelch squerch in the ditch. The children enjoyed pretending to stumble and trip on the leaves and whirled around pretending to be in a snowstorm. The highlight however was the discovery of the Bear in the cave (a bird hide). We have now set out our own trail at school to follow. 
We also fed the ducks, had an outdoor picnic, found 10 animal sculptures in the woods and made clay faces to go on the trees.
We were lucky enough to have great weather too.