Running Club

Running Club
After the popularity of the Autumn Running Club this school year - St Sidwell's Running Club is back!
We have 26 members of the club, from years 3 - 6 who are taking part in the Exeter City Football Club Half-Marathon Running Challenge and there are 5 adults who help to supervise them. 
Running club meets each Tuesday 3.30 - 4.40pm. 
Thank you to Miss Williams, Mrs Westlake and Mrs Sainsbury (our parent helpers) for their help with running club this term. Thank you to Mrs Riezzo and Miss Wilson for their help as well. 
Tuesday 28th February
We have begun our challenge this week and have got off to a great start, having completed 1.5 miles. Only another 3.5 miles to go until we get our 5 mile certificate...
Tuesday 7th March
We have completed another 1.5 miles today! Only another 2 miles until that first certificate.. Well done Running Club! 
Tuesday 14th March
Another 1.5 miles achieved today - great work. Super effort on the 12 minute timed running challenge everyone.... Next week we will get our 5 mile certificate. 
Tuesday 21st March
1.8 miles achieved today - great running! A very enthusiastic group today, everyone was very keen to do boot camp challenges with Mrs Hughes!
*A 5 mile certificate for everyone.