Spring Term 2

Egg-stra Special Welly Time! Monday 1st April
On Monday Mrs Lockyer led the egg themed Welly Time in which children learned to do roly polys on the grassy slope, played circle games such as Duck Duck Goose and carried eggs on spoons around the gazebo!
Happy Easter everyone!
Tuesday 26th March - Visitors from Tunisia
We had a special dance lesson on Tuesday when some visiting teachers from Tunisia came to see how we learn in our school. We had a lovely time moving to the music and dancing together. 
Welly Time Monday 18th March
Children enjoyed a sunny and warm Welly Time this week. They learned that they must not pick the big flowers in school but that it is good to look at them, smell them and draw them! 
Nursery children are getting really good at walking in a line around school and listening out for the Welly Time whistle which calls them back to the line after they have been exploring.
Nursery Newsletter March 2019
Below is a copy of our Newsletter for the second half of the Spring Term.
Please do ask any member of staff if you have any questions.
World Book Day on Thursday 7th March
Nursery enjoyed dressing up and going to the whole school storytelling assembly today. We paraded around the hall and listened to a couple of stories, one from India and the other from West Africa, told by a visiting storyteller called David Heathfield. Later Mrs Wiley, who was Old MacDonald, read the book of her name and Mrs Lockyer read Mr Bump because she was Mr Bump! Ms Tong read The Tiger who Came to Tea and one of her favourites called Bye Bye Baby. Ms Tong was Miss Muffett and she kept running away from her spider!  Later some of children made their own books. We all sang Happy Birthday to the books to celebrate them! 
Remember to to come to the school book fair next week and borrow a book from our book corner every week. 
Royal Albert Memorial Museum Visit - Wednesday 6th March 
Thanks to all the parents and helpers who came along and made this visit possible.
We had some amazing experiences handling masks, fabrics, jewellery and ancient fossils from their collection. The art exhibition was wonderful with so many interesting patterns, colours, shapes and textures to look at. Children were amazed to see the enormous animals too! 
The Museum is open all year, closed on Mondays, and it is FREE so I would encourage you to take your family there often to explore more of its collections and talk together about what you see there. 
Thanks again for your support! 
Dinosaurs! Our New Topic 25th February 2019
We had a busy and productive first week back in Nursery. Children enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs in the small world tray and in the Dinosaur Den outside. Some children did some fantastic building with cylinders and other children worked hard to improve their name writing. On Friday we heard the story about Jesus welcoming the little children and we took turns to act it out together.