Spring Term 2019

Easter Home-learning
Due: Wednesday 24th April 2019
 Please see below.
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Easter Bonnets - Friday 5th April 2019
A wonderful efforts for our Easter Bonnets! It was lovely to see so many of you being so creative!
Science Day - Monday 1st April 2019
Year 5 had a very busy and exciting day today: exploring bubbles; making a small explosion with coke and mentos; looking at mussels and crabs; making bubble wands; creating Mars landing ships; thinking about forces to juggle and plat spin and watching a circus show learning all about forces.
It was a great day! Thank you to all the adults who made it such an exciting day! Also thank you to FOSSS and all the parents for their kind donations towards the day - we wouldn’t be able to do It without you!
Prayer Spaces - Tuesday 26th March 2019
Today, Year 5, and the rest of Key Stage 2, were joined by the ICE team. The ICE team created some lovely prayer spaces for us to reflect, pray and think in. We were able to pray and think about people around the world; consider what we are thankful for and think about what we might need help for. 
Thank you the ICE team for creating such thought provoking prayer spaces and helping us on our spiritual journeys!
Red Nose Day - Friday 15th March 2019
Well done to Year 5 for supporting Red Nose Day, wearing a red nose; painting a red nose or wearing something red!
World Book Day 2019 - Thursday 7th March 2019
Exciting Science - Wednesday 6th March 2019
This afternoon, Year 5 started to discuss irreversible changes and they conducted an experiment with bicarbonate of soda, some white vinegar, a bottle and a balloon.
Watch the video below to see what happened; it was very exciting!
Ancient Greek Day - Thursday 14th February 2019 
To celebrate the end of our topic, we had an absolutely fabulous ancient Greek day, which the children very much enjoyed!
We all came to school excited and dressed in our Greek costumes; we then had a fun filled, busy day creating, making and having a great time. Firstly, we were set the challenge to design a mask that represented ancient Greek gods, goddesses or mythical beasts. Whilst we did this, small groups went out with Mrs Goff to prepare and cook some delicious Greek food, including a Greek pie with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, along with some Greek salad and an omelette. As the day progressed, we made our very own headdresses, which is what would have been awarded to the successful athletes in the Olympics. Once these had been made, we ventured outside to complete our very own Olympic games, including running, chariot racing and javelin - it was very competitive and there were some very strong competitors. Finally, after being the glorious sunshine,we came back in, shared our food and reflected on our brilliant day!
The Trojan War - Friday 8th February 2019
Made famous in Homer's Iliad, the Trojan War was all over a woman, Helen. Year 5 learnt about what happened and create freeze frames to show the events. Can you tell what these events are?
The Battle of Marathon - Friday 1st February 2019
This afternoon, during our topic learning, we discovered the events that happened during the Battle of Marathon. We found out that the Athenians asked Sparta for help when fighting against the Persians but they had a festival going on and so were unable to help. With the threat of the Persians imminent, the General of the Athenians changed the army's battle stance and this led to them beating the Persians. Victory was theirs! Pheidippides, a runner, was sent to tell of the joyous news - however, when he arrived and had shared the news: 'Joy to you, we've won!' he sadly collapsed and died!
We created some short re-enactments of this story and played them out in front of a green screen. Take a look at them below, although they are rather comedic, enjoy!
Topic Learning - Ancient Greece
We have been learning about the Ancient Greek Olympics. We discovered that they were help in Olympia, started in 776BC and were thought to be held in honour of Zeus - who was the king of the gods. We know that the Olympics took place in Ancient Greece due to vases and pottery which have illustrations of the events painted on to them. We also discovered that in the Ancient Greek Olympics, the only competitors were men and they also competed naked!
We created our own freeze frames to show different Olympic sports - can you guess which they are?
First Aid Training - Monday 21st January 2019
This morning, Year 5 were joined by Mr Upston to have the Primary Heart Start First Aid Course - in association with the British Heart Foundation.The children first learnt about dealing with an unconscious casualty. The children were taught DRSABC - Danger, Response, Shout, Airway, Breathing and CPR. 
The children were told to assess for danger to keep both themselves and the casualty safe; check if they are responsive then shout or call 999 for help. They need to check the casualty's air way, gently pushing their heads back and lifting their chin up, then check if they are breathing. If they are breathing, they need to be placed in the recovery position. However, if they are not breathing, then CPR needs to be administered. For CPR we need to do 30 chest compressions and, if it is someone we know, we can give two breaths into their mouths. 
Following on from this, the children learnt what to do is someone is choking and if someone is bleeding. The were able to put this into practice both with each other and also on a 'Little Anne' doll.
The children learnt a great deal and we hope, should they need to use it, would be able to give someone first aid. Well done, Year 5, a great morning of learning. Thank you, Mr Upston for coming to teach us, too!
Plastics in our Oceans
Since September, as a school, we have been thinking about the plastic in our oceans. On Monday 7th January 2019, Years 4, 5 and 6 has a visit from Gavin, a Fisherman Ambassador. He was from the Lyme Bay Reserve project and he came to talk all about Marine Litter. The children, and adults, were shocked to find out about the amount of plastic pollution in our oceans and also at how long it can take to degrade! Following on from this, we wanted to do something about it and become the solution, not the problem
Sky Ocean Rescue has teamed up with the Premier League to challenge children from across the UK to create pledges and consider ways in which they can reduce the amount of plastic which, sadly, can end up in our oceans causing great pain, distress and even death to the marine wildlife. Thinking about this, Year 5, each thought of their own pledge, such as bringing in a reusable water bottle and using metal knives and forks. However, together, they came up with a pledge to reduce the amount of plastic they bring in in their lunch boxes.
We discussed changes we could make: using a reusable water bottle; having a container for our sandwiches rather than cling film; using crisps from a large bag rather than separate multi-packs and many more. We have even started to carry out pledges out - it has been great!
Please helps us with our #PassonPlastic pledge and try to reduce the amount of single use plastics in our lunch boxes and in our homes!
Forest School 
This half-term, along side Miss Moore, Year 5 will be working with Mr Slater to participate in different forest school activities! It is a very exciting opportunity - which the children are very much looking forward to!
Monday 14th January 2019
This week, Year 5 made fires. They collected different sizes of stick and used cotton wool and fire steel to get their fires going! They had great fun and are looking forward to next week!
Monday 28th January 2019
Today, Year 5 used axes and saws. It was great fun to collect wood (from the school grounds) and chop it up with friends! Year 5 also had to consider how to keep safe whilst doing this!
Monday 4th February 2019
Year 5 enjoyed different team building games. They had to work as a team to get a ball to travel down some gutter piping and had to build a slide to let a ball go as fast as it could. It was tricky but with communication and listening skills, they managed to achieve the goal!
Monday 11th February 2019
As groups, Year 5 built different types of dens - it was quite tricky but very good fun!
Monday 25th February 2019
This week, Year 5 honed their skills of fire making and even got to toast a marshmallow - very lucky!
Monday 4th March 2019
Today, the children learnt how to create different knots! They then tied pieces of wood together to practice their new skills!
Monday 25th March 2019
Cutting! The children used knives today to create some knifes from wood! It was very exciting and such fun to be out in the glorious Spring sunshine!