Summer 1 2019

Outdoor Learning: Week Beginning May 20th 2019
There was lots of interesting learning happening outside during the last week of the half term. Some children continued to be fascinated by wood lice and other tiny creatures. We have been talking about how to look after them and put them back in the garden after handling them.
Some children helped to earth up and water the potatoes before the holiday. They are growing really fast now and need more compost and water to keep them healthy. 
We have been exploring how to move under equipment and apparatus outside. The climbing domes made great shelters to go under and children exercised their muscles crawling through the tunnels and tents.
Baking Bread  Wednesday 15th May
Today we have been making bread like the Little Red Hen! But we had lots of helpers and everyone had a piece of bread to eat. 
Learning about seeds  May 2nd 2019
Nursery looked at different types of fruit and vegetables this week and found out about seeds. We discovered that seeds come in different sizes and colours. We were surprised that kiwi fruit have tiny seeds, an avacado has a great big one and that passion fruit seeds are slimy! It was fun to have a fruit tasting too! We love fruit in Nursery. 
Newsletter Summer Term 1
Below is a PDF version of the latest newsletter. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Biking Skills in FSU! Monday 29th May
On Monday and Tuesday Helen Morse from Devon County Council, came to the FSU with some smart balance bikes. She worked with all the children on their cycling skills. Everyone made great progress and gained confidence on the bikes.