Virtual Sports Week 2020

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Virtual Sports Week 2020!
We have absolutely loved seeing all your photos and videos that you have been sending in. Please continue to send these in, if you haven't done so already. You will receive your certificates through Google Classroom, Seesaw, Tapestry or email soon. 
The results are below...

Welcome to our Virtual Sports Day 2020

Sports Day is one of the great events in our school calendar and we couldn't let a little thing like a global pandemic stop us celebrating together.  However, we do have to be safe and responsible, so this year we are going online!

This year we are going to be 'doing it differently'. Please see below a list of activities for our Virtual Sports Day. For every activity that you photograph/video yourself doing (and send to Tapestry, Seesaw or Google Classroom or email) you will be awarded 1 point for your house.  Please make sure you let your teacher know if we can use your photos or videos in a film we will put together to celebrate this event.
There will be certificates for participation - the more activities you send in, the more points you will get for your house and the higher award you will receive.  But, even if you are only able to send in one activity, it is still worth taking part - we're all in this together!

Please be sure to get your photos and videos uploaded by 12.00 noon on Friday 26th June 2020. Certificates will be put onto Seesaw or Google Classroom or email by the end of Friday 26th June 2020.


There will be 3 levels of participation:


Bronze - 1 challenge posted on Tapestry / Seesaw / Google Classroom / Email

Silver - between 2 and 7 challenges posted on Tapestry / Seesaw / Google Classroom / Email

Gold - 8 or more challenges posted on Tapestry / Seesaw / Google Classroom / Email

Can't remember your colour?
Don't panic, take a look below.
If you can wear something that's your colour whilst completing your challenge, that's great. If not, please don't worry, it's the taking part that counts!


How many members of staff can you beat?
Some of our staff have had a go at a challenge or two. Can you beat the members of staff? Have a go! We hope you have fun with our challenges and enjoy taking part with those in your household.


Mrs Hughes did: 42 speed bounces in 20 seconds; 20 shuttle runs in 1 minute, 24 seconds and competed a standing long jump of 1m 60cm!
Mrs Lockyer held her blindfold balance for 25 seconds.  
Miss Dymond achieved 27 bunny hops/frog jumps in 30 seconds!
Miss Privado held her blindfold balance for 3 minutes and 8 seconds!
Mrs Briggs completed 32 sit down, stand ups and did 143 tennis racket bounces! 
Mrs Rice's throw and clap challenge.
Mrs Tuohy held her plank for 1 minute 8 seconds and completed 34 sit down, stand ups. 
Mrs Beards and Mrs Clarke took on the sit down, stand up challenge. Mrs Clarke did 40 and Mrs Beards did 50! 
Miss Wilson did the standing long jump. She managed to jump 1.78m. 
Miss Woodhouse completed the speed bounce challenge. She did 50 in 20 seconds.
Mrs Hallett challenged herself to completing the blindfold balance as she did the tennis racket bounce with a shark! She managed 14 seconds. Mrs Hallett also completed the sit down. stand up challenge as she balanced an egg on a spoon. She managed to do 54 of these!! 
Mrs Barnes completed the blindfold balance. She stood on one leg for 13.42 seconds. 
Mrs Souyad had fun throwing items at a target and completed the throw and clap challenge. 
Mr McLeod completed the plank challenge in 2 minutes (ish)! 
Mrs Beards, Mrs Clarke and Miss Wilson played a game of Boccia. Mrs Clarke was the winner! Get your family to play with you and see who can win.
Mrs Statton completed 50 sit down, stand ups! 
Your Efforts...
Audrey and Stella enjoyed doing the sporting activities in their garden!
Emmaline did a throw and clap - she managed nine claps!
Flora has been a busy bee, she has done:
  • standing long jump - 1.66 metres
  • throw and clap - 7
  • egg and spoon - 6.5 laps
  • blind fold balance - 53 seconds
  • sit down, stand up - 66 in 1 minute
  • tennis racket bounce - 42
  • target throw: 1/3 balls in a bucket from 3ms away, 2/5 from 5ms away.
  • slalom course: 4 x 6 cone runs
  • skipping challenge: 12 skips
  • 95 bunny hops in minute
  • 32 speed bounces in 20 seconds
  • a plank for 1 minute.
Kuba completed an obstacle egg and spoon race, speed bounces and bouncing a ball.
Carys made a challenge for her family. Here are her comments:

"I set up an obstacle course and these are the obstacles zig zag, balance beam, find snowman, Hama colour, dribble football, scoot, catch balls in net, 5 skips, find white Hama, transform, tunnel, croquet, scoot back, dribble football back, space hopper, 4 swing balls, stepping stones, bike, zig zag back.

I recorded their time and here it is:"












Kuba is cycling every day and completed all the challenges with his sister, Maya! 
Group Circuits in Lottie's garden
Well done to Lottie for designing your own circuit cards. It's great you did some social distancing circuits in your garden! Well done to Sam, Bailey, Lottie, Fergus, Miles, Beatrix, Stanley and Raffety for taking part. I hear you mum's did well, too!
Sports Day in the Park
Well done to Vally, Hugo, Matilda, Iris and Phoebe for completing their own social distancing sports day in the park!
Jongbean and his sister managed to do 13 activities. They said it was great fun!
Maddie did a variety of the sporting activities! Great work!
Chetan has completed lots activities: here is what he has done and his results:
  • Standing long jump - 1.60m
  • Side jumps - 50 in 20 seconds
  • 5 metres running 20 times - 1 minute
  • Throw and clap - 9 claps
  • Bounce a ball - 19 times
  • Sit and stand - 55 times in 1 minute
  • Plank challenge - 1.06 minutes
  • Blind folded balance - 42 seconds
  • Bunny Hop - 50 in 1 minute
  • Skipping - 10 times in 6 seconds
The Lotus pod have had fun the last couple of days completing some of the challenges! Still got a few more to go! Don't forget to send your photos (with your adults permission) to your class teacher so they can upload them on to here as well. 
Charles managed to do 63 sit downs in one minute, a standing jump of 190cm (1m, 90cm) and a 30 second blindfolded balancing!