Wild Club

Wild Club
Wild Club has grown out of Mrs Hallett's desire to provide more outdoor adventures for the children in school. It aims to give more children the opportunity of taking part in a club that encourages them to develop their understanding of the natural world and how to care for it.
Blind Walk
So far this term the children have been able to work with a partner to master the 'blind walk' trail along the secret path. One child guided their partner and looked out for areas of risk while the other child closed their eyes and followed the trail by holding onto a string that stretches along the fence next to the trail. Then the children changed over roles. Over two 'wild' sessions approximately 60 children had a go at this challenge, with our Wildlife Champions making sure the path was risk assessed in advance and that everyone stayed safe during the challenge.
Minibeast Homes
The third session of 'Wild Club' found the children enthusiastically clearing an overgrown space under the bridge. They collected rubbish and re-built the wood pile so that the area can be developed as a minibeast village. Three of the Wildlife Champions added the minibeast hotels that they had built. In the future we hope to build more minibeast habitats with other children in school.
Using willow
We learnt that willow is the favourite food of giraffes in conservation schemes in England. They like to pull the leaves off with their tongues and then nibble off the bark.
We pulled the leaves off short rods of willow and peeled the bark. We made magic wands to take home to add colour with felt pens.
Autumn leaf art
We have been using autumn leaves with material to create colours and shapes. We put the leaf under fabric and used a hammer to 'bash'it. The colour comes through leaving the shape of the leaf.