Wildlife Champions Conference 2017

Wildlife Champions Conference 2017
9 children went with Mrs Hallett and Mrs Willey to join in wildlife activities. Thank you to Sarah and Magda for their support on this trip too.
The conference was organised by Devon Wildlife Trust with support from the People's Lottery. In addition to Devon Wildllfe Trust,  the Forest Studies Council and Marine Protection Society organised activities. We were also lucky enough to meet naturalist Nick Baker.
Activity 1
Fire making!
The children learnt about the uses of fire and the three things you need to create a fire. They collected tinder and fuel in small groups and used fire steels to light their own small fires.
Activity 2
The children played woodland games that taught us about plants that are useful to forage and those which would be dangerous. 
With help we identified our life lines on our hands and then looked for the same pattern repeated in nature.
We were joined by naturalist Nick Baker to play a game to help us learn to recognise bird songs and he played us some recordings of common bird calls.
When we were playing a mirror game to learn what the world looks like to a bird or a mouse Nick Baker and his partner spotted an exotic looking caterpillar of the pale tussock moth. Everyone was very excited by the find.
Activity 3
We discovered how animals survive the winter and talked about how we can help them. We made mini beast houses to hang up at school.
We were fired up with ideas to try out at school - what great outdoor learning.
Nick Baker and our wildlife enthusiasts.