Year 4 Autumn 2021


Google Classroom

 Hi All

Remember, if your child needs to access Google Classroom especially those children in Mrs Goff’s group then they may need their email address which is their name followed by the school address e.g.

Their password is their date of birth: DDMMYY or DDMMYYYY

e.g. 230113 or 23012013

The class code is: pvwwqwm

Mr McLeod


Escot Anglo Saxon Day


What a fantastic day at Escot!

Some highlights included getting lost in the maze, making bread, hammering out a bronze brooch and wood carving runes. We also dropped from a death slide, ate and got stung by nettles and saw a  variety of unusual animals.

A big thank you to the staff at Escot including Bex, Cam and Fib and to Ms Evans and Mrs Goff for their help on the day, too. Well done to parents and children for their great outfits as they really enhanced the day and impressed the staff.

And well done to Year 4 for their enthusiasm and how well they represented the School.



Photo update of Art- Trees and Birds


A nice collection of pictures for you, here!

The Year 4 children playing with their OPAL equipment and enjoying their art lessons.

The art is part of a unit in which the children practised the skills of shading in different ways, they chose their background wash styles after a practise session (sponge watercolours or chalks) and they formed their trees using masking tape after an observation lesson in the playground. The tape is ripped off to leave the tree outline embedded in their wash. They then shade and add their birds.

They are looking great and there is a surprising variety in how they are presented, too. Well done, Year 4!



Transition Day

After a few technical issues, I have finally extracted pictures from the ipad and here we have our Transition day- way back in July when we met for the first time- officially.

The children and I learned a little more about each other, we played some games and of course, they made a mess (and constructed some impressive structures) with marshmallows and spaghetti.

A lovely introduction to a lovely bunch of children



Moth to a Flame


The children, along with the rest of the school, were encouraged to learn about moths, consider what they wanted those in power to think about in terms of improving our world and therefore their future outlook, and to be creative.

The children impressed with how they worked together, their dexterity with a tricky medium and their thoughtful ideas.

These will be displayed in Exeter and in Glasgow and should look amazing together.


Maths Fun!


The competition was keen on Naughty (Nasty) but Nice morning in Year 4. Equipped with place value knowledge, whiteboards and dice, the children challenged friends to make larger or small numbers and when it got to the stage where they could pass numbers to others…well, things got heated.

But Year 4 stayed friendly and respectful- great to see and hear!


Apple Pressing


Thanks to Kevin for today and to Mrs Hallett for organising but not to the weather that almost drowned out teaching. The children had great fun listening to Kevin’s moralistic tales, chopping up apples, watching, and learning about the process of creating some lovely apple juice. They were also introduced to some unusual varieties of apple and they should be able to tell you about insecticides, too.

A lovely hour that ended with a sharing and slurping of the results of our endeavours. Cheers!!!