Year 5 2017

  • Miss Katarina Woodhouse

    Year 5 Class Teacher / Science Lead

  • Miss Hayley Dymond

    PPA Teacher / Deputy Head

  • Mrs Jean Goff

    Year 5 and 6 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Alison Bland

    SEN Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Samira Souyad

    EAL Support

  • Mrs Heidi Riezzo

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 5's class page. In Year 5, the teacher is Miss Woodhouse; Miss Dymond teaches for half the day on Tuesdays for PPA cover. The Teaching Assistant that helps with our learning in Mrs Goff. We also have Mrs Bland, Mrs Riezzo and Mrs Souyad who help children with their learning. 
PE Days
Our PE days on Tuesday and Wednesday, but please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school every day.
Home Learning
Home learning is set on a Tuesday and handed in on a Monday. We set English and maths, with the expectation that children will also be learning spellings from their Year 5 and 6 spelling list. Over holidays, the children may be set more practical tasks linked to their topic. The children are also expected to read for at least 30 minutes a day, and then reflect on their reading in their own reading diaries.
Please continue to encourage your child in learning their Year 5/6 spellings. A list of the spellings is below. There are a range of strategies to support these (please see below). The children particularly enjoy 'say it silly'. Ask them to teach you how to remember yacht, guarantee, bruise, vegetable and vehicle. 
Thank you for your continued support in your child's learning :)
Tuesday 18th July 2018 - Dream Catchers
As part of our topic learning, we created dream catchers (kindly paid for by FOSSS). Miss Goff came to join us to help us with our dream catchers - it was quite tricky, but we all had our growth mindset and persevered.We discovered how the Native Americans would have used them and that nowadays they are more commonly used as decorative pieces. 
Comic Art Masterclass - Tuesday 18th July 2017
This morning, year 5 were visited by Kev F Sutherland, you might know his work from writing and drawing The Beano, Marvel comics, Doctor Who Adventures and lots more! He inspired and engaged us with fantastic drawings; he also promoted a growth mindset explaining how everyone can draw!
Working together, the children created their own comic characters, created their own comic strips and also had a caricature drawn by Kev. 
FOSSS kindly organised this opportunity and we had a great time!

Treat Afternoon - Monday 10th July 2017

Recently, year 5 reached their target of 20 marbles in their jar. As they achieved their target Miss Woodhouse said they could choose their treat. For their treat, the children voted for making cakes. So this afternoon, we split the tables apart, washed our hands, put our aprons on and got cooking.


We learnt how to cream butter and sugar; how to crack an egg, weigh ingredients and makes cakes in an easy and simple way. We were allowed to add different ingredients, such as chocolate chips and were able to decorate them with icing, sprinkles and lots of yummy things!


We had a great afternoon and look forward to eating our cakes later.

A big thank you to Miss Goff for offering up her free time to help us, and also a thank you to Becky in the kitchen, for allowing us to use the ovens!

Science Session - Monday 3rd July 2017
This morning, Years 4 and 5 were joined by Dr Usher from Colyton Grammar School. Along with some 6th students from Exeter School, the children were provided with a 'Mysterious Materials' show where they got the learn about amazing and mysterious materials. They were given demonstrations and then had the opportunity to have a go themselves. It was a great learning experience and the children enjoyed themselves!
Thank you Dr Usher for engaging and developing our learning :)
For more pictures, take a look at 'Our Gallery' page.
Science Day at Exeter School - Tuesday 14th June 2017
Today, Year 5 were invited to Exeter School to take part in their science day. We walked to Exeter School excited for the exploration we were going to do. First we did some chemistry, we made slime, created fizzy rockets and also experimented with how different chemicals can change the colour of flame on a Bunsen burner. After our chemistry session, we had a break with toxic juice and volcano cakes. We then did some biology. We had to use our sense of touch and smell. Use our knowledge of animals to identify some skulls and also, use a microscope to look at our own cheek cells - it was amazing! The final group session we did was physics, where we explore sound and light. We created patterns of light using plastic wallets, cellotape and polarised lenses. When we explored sound, we created our very own set of panpipes. After lunch, we had some demonstrations, looking at electricity, hydrogen balloons and optical illusions. We all had a fantastic day and were very inspired by the science we saw and took part in! 
We thank Exeter School for having us and for also giving us a ruler and pencil. 
Quad Kids at St. Luke's - Tuesday 6th June 2017
Today, along with 8 year 6 children, 8 of year 5 travelled to St. Luke's high school to participate in Quad Kids. At the event, the children had to complete four events - standing long jump, vortex, a 75m run and a 600m run. It was a very exciting and challenging day where our school was competing against 11 other schools.
At the end of the day, the placings were announced and year 5 came 4th out of 12 other schools - well done, Year 5!
Governors' Award
This term the School Governors have decided that the children should nominate their own candidates for the Governors' Award. The Year 5 children have decided to create a list of criteria that they will base their decision on and you can find this below. The children felt each of the criteria very important and shows that they have high expectations of themselves and others.
River Poetry - WB: Monday 22nd May 2017
This week, we combined our learning from our topic, rivers, and combined it with our English learning to create poems about rivers. After we had written our poems, we recorded them using a green screen - it's like we're standing by a river!
DT - 'Serve a Salad' - Thursday 25th May 2017
This afternoon, Year 5 prepared and created their own salads. They bought their ingredients and learnt new skills. We moved the tables in the classroom so that each pair had their own station, demonstrated the skills of cutting, peeling and spirilising and then the children were given the opportunity to do these things independently - which they very much enjoyed! Mrs Goff supported the children will their preparation of pasta, noodles and cous-cous, along with Miss Goff, who shared her secret skill of making the best croutons ever!
Each child was able to put their salad in a pot, kindly paid for by FOSSS, to allow them to fulfill the brief of creating a salad that could be sold in a supermarket. 
The children had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and will hopefully be able to share their new skills at home with you!
Well done, Year 5! I am very proud of you for how sensible you were this afternoon - it was lovely to see you enjoying your salads and practicing the skills you had learnt, you definitely deserve your final marble, treat to follow. Miss Woodhouse :)
FOSSS Bake Off - Friday 19th May 2017
Today was the FOSSS Bake Off, with the theme - 'A taste of history'. Lots of children came into school with their creative bakes that were judged by the Cakadoodledoo owner. Everyone got a rosette for their great efforts and there were also prizes to be won.
Year 5 had 2 lots of winners - with one being the overall prize of a £20 sainsbury's vouchers - well done girls!
Cricket sessions with Devon Cricket - Tuesday 16th May 2017
Today, year 5 and 6 were joined Sophie from Devon Cricket. We were introduced to cricket and to the 'All Stars' club (more information can be found at: and then following this, year 5 went to go and have their first session. We were asked to throw and catch the ball in inventive ways, taught how to hold the cricket bat correctly, had a go at fielding and batting and then had a small game against each other in two teams - it was great fun and we are looking forward to the next two sessions!
DT - 'Serve a Salad' - Market Research - Friday 28th April 2017
This afternoon, year 5 completed some market research on salads. They were given five salads and asked to look for the ingredients and consider the food group from the 'Eat Well' guide plate as to which food group they were in. They then were able to try the salads, although some didn't want to, they were very brave and tried the salads. Some really didn't like the taste of them, however, their favourites were the sweet chill noodle salad and the cheese and tomato pasta salad.
Friday 12th May 2017
This afternoon, we considered our design criteria and also designed our salads. We will be preparing them next week, so look out for our pictures and evaluations. 
Brass Instruments - Summer Term 
Year 5 are learning to play different brass instruments, they are being taught by Mr Mansfield who used to play for the Queen. We are learning to read musical notation, the fingering of the instruments and also how to play different pieces of music. Year 5 will then perform these at the Musical Showcase at the end of this term!
We thank FOSSS for their generous funding, allowing us all to take part is this exciting opportunity!
Friday 12th May 2017
We continued to develop our playing skills, watch the video of us practicing 'Mr Cool'!
Stuart Line Cruise and Exmouth Trip - Thursday 27th April 2017
Today year 5 traveled to Exmouth. Leaving school, we walked to Exeter Bus Station and caught the number 57 bus to Exmouth. Once there, we walked to the harbour and waited to board out boat. Once we had embarked on the boat we were taken along the Exe Estuary, given some great facts, such as, the Queen gets her muscles from the Estuary.

After our boat trip, the we had our lunch on the beach, we then went to Aby's - a local cafe - and had a wonderful ice-cream with marshmallows, sauces and a wafer! We then went back to the beach for a run around before returning to school.We have had a great day!
Exeter City FC - First Team Players - Tuesday 25th April 2017
For the Premier League Reward Day, St. Sidwell's was visited by some school coaches of Exeter City FC. We were also joined by some first team players - the children were very excited as you will see. We were kindly given programmes and we even got them signed by the players! It was a very exciting afternoon!
Science Day - Tuesday 25th April 2017 
Today, year 5 explored space during their science day. They researched the planets and found lots of interesting facts about them. They then created their own rhymes to help them remember the order of the planets. During the afternoon they spent time in the amazing Explorer Dome being surrounded by stars and space, learning new facts and having lots of fun!
 Thank you ti everyone who contributed towards the explorer dome, those who purchased items at the TIGER sale and thank you to FOSSS for contributing the funds to allow this great opportunity to happen!
Exeter City FC - 'Kidditch' - Tuesday 25th April 2017
Today, year 5 started their very own fantasy adventure during their PE lesson. Joined by Dom from Exeter City FC, the children played their very own game of 'Kidditch' which is based upon Harry Potter's favourite game - Quidditch. 
The children used their skills of throwing, catching, attacking and defending. They had lots of fun and are looking forward to learning and playing more next week!
Easter Bonnet Parade - Friday 31st March 2017
Before having our Easter egg hunt, we showed off our great Easter bonnet creations - well done year 5, such great efforts!
Red Nose Day - Friday 24th March 2017
Today, the children came to school dressed in either red, spots of stripes (as chosen by our school council). We designed our own red noses and has joke competition - doing something funny for money. 
We also had Matt Upston, a PE teacher from St. Luke's, along with our year 6 PE leaders, conduct an inter house competition - it's been a very exciting and busy day, which we have enjoyed greatly!
Marvellous Maya Masks
This half-term, we have been exploring the ancient Maya. As part of this topic, for our art we used air dry clay to create our own Maya masks. We researched Maya masks, designed them, made them out of the clay, allowed them to dry and then painted them using acrylic paint.
We also painted some Maya logograms (Maya writing) onto material to create our own bunting! We have very much enjoyed it and made a great display in our art area!
Visit from Local Artist - Thursday 23rd March 2017
This afternoon, Year 5 and 6 were visited by local landscape artist, Alan Cotton. Alan came in to talk to us about the Otter Project that will be happening on Dartmoor over the summer. Alan, along with 99 other artists from all over the country have all designed and painted an otter that will be put on a trail along Dartmoor. 
The project is hoping to raise awareness and encourage people to visit Dartmoor. Like other trails, such as the gorilla and rhino trails, the otters will be placed at different locations for you to try and find. When the otters have been placed across the moor, there will be a booklet which will tell you where each one is located and where you can also tick off the ones you have seen. 
Once the trail is over, the otters will be auctioned in the hope of raising £100,000 for Dartmoor National Park.
Alan showed us his otter which is a beautifully painted landscape of Dartmoor across the four seasons, autumn, winter, spring and summer. He has named it 'Otter for all seasons'. We also saw photographs of two other artists work. We can't wait to complete the trail!
Fire Fighters Visit - Wednesday 15th March 2016
Today we were visited by Dan and Gareth from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. They came to teach us all about how to keep safe with fire. We had an interactive session, including use of their new questions pads, a role play and a race to see who could get dressed into the clothing the fastest. 
We learnt about the importance to test our smoke alarms once a week, have a planned escape route with our family, using 'Get out, Stay out and Call 999!'. We also learnt about not doing hoax calls and also how important it is to know our address including our post code. We had a great time and Gareth is going to come back to judge our Fire Safety information posters.
Exeter Cathedral Lego and Tour Visit - Tuesday 14th March 2017
Along with years 4 and 6, year 5 eagerly walked down to the Cathedral this morning to place their very own Lego brick on module 25 of the Cathedral's scale building. Whilst at the Cathedral, the children were able to look at the building so far, an amazing 35,000 Lego bricks have already been placed with a further 265,000 to go! After placing their Lego brick, we had a tour of the Cathedral and learnt some great facts - such as, in the newest part of the Cathedral, that was bombed during World War Two, the stone masons put a cat into the wall, as when it was bombed there was a cat that died. We also saw the fantastic stained glass windows and learnt that they are positioned to the west so that when the sunsets the sun will shine through the window. When we returned to school we reflected on our learning and discoveries in our spirituality ad reflection books. We have had a really great morning! 
Exciting Science
This half term, in science, we are investigating irreversible materials. We conducted a small experiment and created a new material (carbon dioxide).
From the video below you will see and hear how exciting it was!
We also made fizzy rockets, the video below shows - during the lesson they went much higher than this but it was difficult to capture it on camera! Again, from the video, you will see it was really exciting!
We investigated fire. We wrote things we wanted to be forgiven for and burnt them. This allowed to see the product (ash). We also explored the fire triangle and experimented with oxygen. We had four different sized jars and predicted which one would allow the candle to last the longest. Which do you think?
Ancient Greek Day - Thursday 9th February 2017
To celebrate the end of our topic, we had an absolutely fabulous ancient Greek day, which the children very much enjoyed!
We all came to school excited and dressed in our Greek costumes; we then had a fun filled, busy day creating, making and having a great time. Firstly, we were set the challenge to design a mask that represented ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Whilst we did this, small groups went out with Mrs Goff to prepare and cook some delicious Greek food, including a Greek pie with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, along with some Greek salad. After break, Mrs Riezzo, who lived in Greece for a number of years, taught us how to write the Greek alphabet and how to say, 'hello' and 'how are you?'. Using our new knowledge, we wrote our names and practised greeting each other. As the day progressed, we made our very own headdresses, which is what would have been awarded to the successful athletes in the Olympics. Once these had been made, we ventured outside to complete our very own Olympic games, including running, chariot racing and javelin - it was very competitive and there were some very strong competitors. Finally, cold but still with very high spirits, we shared our food and reflected on our brilliant day!