Year 5 and 6 Residential Blog 2017

Day 1 - Monday 26th June 2017
We arrived safety at the Eden Project around lunch time. Eagerly getting off the coach, we carried our bags to the youth hostel cafe and began to eat our lunch. After eating, our group leaders introduced themselves and told us some important information. 
At around 1.30pm, we all walked down to the Eden Project to see where our activities wee going to be based. We then split into our groups. Year 5 went to do Hangloose - they were very excited to be doing abseiling, climbing and the big air drop! Everyone did really well and were very brave, facing their fears. We all really enjoyed ourselves; Mrs May jumped off the top level of the big air drop and Miss Woodhouse did some abseiling.
Whilst year 5 were doing Hanglooose, year 6 were doing archery and team building. There were a few surprises, where we had some natural archers - these archers were recommended to join a club; in the team building the children were challenged and tested their learning to learn skills: collaboration crew and sergeant stickability and even some captain creativity! 
During all  the activities, all the children really demonstrated our mission statement: learning together; thinking creatively and trusting in God. 
Just before we went down on the land train for tea, Mrs Briggs arrived bringing our diaries. She joined us on the land train and came for tea with us. There were lots of options, including sausage casserole, vegetable curry and jacket potato. We all had full bellies! Riding on the land train back up to the youth hostel, where we are staying, we were all very excited for the evening's activity, All starz. Walking to the field behind the youth hostel, we were put into teams and asked to make a chant and dance for our teams. We then had to complete a series of challenges - it was great fun.
The day came to an end and we all went to bed, tired but ready for the next morning.
Day 2 - Tuesday 27th June 2017
8.20am - we are up and ready to go for breakfast. We are currently on the land train travelling down to the cafe. We have got a full and exciting day ahead. This morning Year 5 will be doing storm patrol and year 6 will be doing buggy building and orienteering. 
9.50am - year 5 are at their Eden workshop - Storm patrol. We have discussed what we need to have a good team and are now considering different types of shelter. We are going to have to work together to create a den that can withstand the storm!
10.40am - we are now exploring the domes looking at different types of shelters from around the world; gaining inspiration for our den challenge...
11am - We're getting ready to create our dens... let the fun begin!
12noon - the judging of the dens is happening! How exciting! Who's going to win?
Tuesday morning- Year 6
While Year 5 have been building shelters in Storm Patrol, Year 6 have been orienteering and "building buggies". The buggies proved a big hit with all four teams managing to create a vehicle of some description that carried two team members. Great teamwork, impressive knot making and brute strength saw some hulking creations of wooden logs and plastic barrels hurtling across the fields- Great work!
Orienteering has, so far, seen the rain hold off and the children managed to follow the maps, still keep running and solve the clues from all the tokens. Their energy is impressive.
Onto the Hang Loose for Year 6 after lunch and Year 5 will be  building their own buggies this afternoon
2.25pm - Miss Woodhouse's group are trying their hand at archery!
8pm - Camp Fire
Despite the rain, year 5 and 6 are about to enjoy their final evening around the camp fire. There's going to be singing, dancing and maybe a few treats!
10pm - year 5 and 6 are back in their rooms, packing ready for their departure after tomorrow's morning activities. They are ready for bed and we think eager to get some sleep!
They have been brilliant and all the teachers are very proud of them!
Year 5 and 6 photo gallery!
Day 3 - Wednesday 28th June 2017
7.40am - Our last morning at Eden. We have had such fun, it is raining but we are remaining in high spirits. Year 5 and 6 have packed up and put their bags ready for the bus later. We are now waiting in the cafe for the land train to take us to breakfast. This morning, year 6 will be doing Storm Patrol and year 5 will be doing buggy building and orienteering.
8.15am - year 5 and 6 have arrived and have got their breakfasts; they have had a selection of hot rolls, cereals and pastries - very nice!
9am - Year 5 are getting the land train back up to the youth hostel to do buggy building, we're going to power through and not worry about getting wet! 
Year 6 are going to be doing Storm Patrol - with the rain, their shelters will really be put to the test!
2pm - Year 5 and 6 are all packed up and safely on the coach. We are sad to be leaving but looking forward to coming home! See you all soon
Thursday 29th June 2017
We are back in school and happily reflecting on our time at Eden. Take a look at our gallery below :)
Thank you to Mr McLeod for organising the great residential, to COGO for the brilliant activities, the Youth Hostel at Eden for the great rooms and Eden for the land train and tasty food.
Also thanks to Miss Woodhouse, Mrs Souyad, Mrs May, Mrs Statton and Mrs Bland - the trip was great and you made it all the better!
A thank you also to the coach driver from Dart Line Coaches for being so accommodating!
Well done to all the children who showed great collaboration, stickability, courage and bravery. All the adults are very proud of you and hope you had a great time!