Year 5 and 6 Residential Blog 2019

Year 5 and 6 Residential Blog - Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th June 2019
We are excited to be leaving for our residential at Liddington. When we arrive, we will be doing problem solving, climbing and in the evening, robot wars!
We have arrived!
Wednesday 26th June 2019
We have all had a very fun first day. Year 5 have done climbing and problem solving and Year 6 have done areoball and climbing. This evening, everyone was together to do Robot Wars. The children worked in their teams completing different tasks, then they used different materials - mainly cardboard - to dress up a friend as a robot. It was great fun. 
We we are looking forward to tomorrow; an early start as we have breakfast at 7.30am!
Thursday 27th June 2019
We have had a busy day today! Starting early, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast followed by a range of different activities. Today, Years 5 and 6 pushed their fears aside to compete some fun and exciting activities including:  Jacobs Ladder, canoeing, abseiling and sport games.
Friday 28th June 2019
After a hearty breakfast, Year 5 and 6 had a wonderful last day filled with laughter, screams and sun. Despite feeling tired, Year 6 completed a competitive game of Aeroball followed by the giant swing! Year 6 worked together to solve challenges in problem solving, and then they too completed the giant swing.
Finishing off our morning, we enjoyed a turkey or spicy bean burger and chips, along with some salad and fruit - we insisted! Mrs Briggs also came to join us for the morning - she enjoyed completing the giant swing, too - make sure to look out for the video later.
14.30pm - we have just left PGL Liddongton and even though we’ve had a fantastic 3 days and 2 nights away, we are all very much looking forward to coming home! 
See you soon! :)
Dear Year 5 and 6,
We hope that you enjoyed your residential to PGL Liddington. We have enjoyed seeing you have such fun with your friends.
You have been brave, courageous, kind and polite and we are very proud of you all. You faced your fears, were incredibly enthusiastic, helped and cheered on your friends!
Have a lovely weekend, sleep well and share all the exciting things you did with your family and friends. 
We look forward to seeing you on Monday :)
A BIG well done from all of us,
Mr McLeod, Miss Woodhouse, Mrs Bland, Mr de Cruz, Mrs May and Mrs Souyad