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Year 5 
Welcome to our class blog. 
In computing we are learning to write a class blog. Each week we are going to write updates about what we have done and what we are looking forward to.
Once Upon A Dream ...
Once upon a dream

Flying around uncontrollably in space,                                                                              

Far away from the human race,                                                                                             

I see a little place that only I can face,                                                                

I zoom down in the right pace,                                                                                                           

and land in a race and got first place,                                                                                

then I’m in a rocket ready to blast off in to space,                                                      

then gone to the dinosaur period getting chased by a tenacious T-rex.                          

Then I was in a plane ready jump out and ended up in bed.

By Mohammad Ali 


Floating helplessly in the jet black cosmos,

Shooting through dimensions I might be there I might be not,

Galaxies surround me darkness covers all,

Time itself seems to stall.


I’m in AD I’m in BC flitting through time zones,

 I might be in a world with evil alien clones,

Travelling to places of wonder and mystery,

Even to any time in history.


Dreams are amazing things,

The best things on offer are what Dreams bring,

You never know where you could go,

Whether it’s a land of ice and snow.


By Tadhg


Dolphin land

There once was a land called Dolphin Land

It was a lovely land too.

You would not believe how watery it was.

Every day fish was brought back fresh

Just caught from the deep blue sea.


Written by Marcus


Once upon a dream…

I close my eyes. I see white.

I’m moving high like a kite.

Then suddenly, there’s ground.

I have just been found.

I hear a flowing gust,

Waiting for my eyes to adjust.

Then standing high and tall,

I see a waterfall.

Turning around, I get a shock,

In front of me there is a flock

Of great and magical creatures.


A swarm of dragons climbing trees,

And one trips on its knees.

A group of goblins rolling tyres,

Onto a wall of sapphires.

A pack of fairies trying

To perform magic whilst flying.

A squad of krakens eating ships

Finishing them off with a lick of their lips.

 And just then, a beast comes swooping down in front of me.


Its back is visible to me,

With spikes that you don’t want to see.

It skin is purple with orange dots

And its face is filled with ugly spots.

Its teeth are green with pointy tops

Pouncing at me with several hops


And I woke up.


By Alex


The deep sea !!!

As the sun started to glams out of my eyes, I feel like I’m in a trap but just then I saw a big dark shadow gradually getting closer, but when my eyes start to close I realize it was just a dream and I full to the ground but then when I was about to torch the ground I saw 11 sparkling teeth and before I know it I’m in a bed fast asleep.

By Timo


Once Upon a Dream

First I am flying in space, nowhere within the human race,

Next I’m playing football, no one too small or too tall,

Now I’m in the navy, no mission too scary,

I’m so tough, there’s no ocean too rough,

Now I finished my marine training wear my new beret, with my friends we sing a hooray,

Now I’m tougher than ever, I can travel to Jupiter,

A dangerous person I am to face, I shall leave no trace,

I gaze at the beautiful land, what God holds in His hands,

I’m running through the hay, there’s nothing about this view I can say,

The sun shines its light, at this beautiful sight,

Now I see Darth Vader, turning on his saber,

This magic will not last, as it comes to an end I think about the past,

I might not see this again with this eye, and leave without a goodbye.

By Adam 


The boy who flew

I went to fly but I don’t want to lie I think I’m going to die  and since everybody Is watching  I’m kind of shy by also Little is want to be in the hall of fame  but I didn’t get in  which is a shame.


By Zain


Dream world, the possibilities are endless


When I’m in the sky

On my magic unicorn

Making the evil cry.


Then when I’m falling down

There’s a giant face

Making a big frown.


Then I see a baby dragon

With its broad wings

Under a large brown wagon.


So I help it out

Just like that he was now good

Without a doubt.


Then we’re gone in a flash like a tsunami

With a pair of bombs

You don’t mess with me when I’m making a harmony.


Then the friendly dinosaurs join me for a picnic

It was so fun and yum

But then a guy ate us and he said, “My name’s Rick”


Then I woke

With a shock

I nearly crocked.


By Adam 


Once Upon A Dream

Creepy crawlies on my feet,

My heart will not seem to beat,

My head is shaking from the heat,

What terrible creatures will I meet?


I’m in a creaky, haunted shack,

A hand touches my sweating back,

Then… Bang! Smack!

My world turns black.


I scream and I yelp,

But there is no help.

Some hooded figures slowly approach,

And I feel as if I’ve been run over by a coach.


On the ground I helplessly lie,

And slowly, painfully I begin to die.


By Alastair




Once I had a dream

It was all about a massive house

With an adorable mouse.


Many candles danced in the dark

And colourful love hearts lit up the park

My Ferrari parked in my spacious car park.


WOW! I’m rich.


By Areena 


Fairy land

There once was a bubble gum land - a very good land,

It was scary, it was funny but then I found a dead fairy.

I was worried, I was scared but all of a sudden she looked like she was going to die.

I picked her up and ran home as fast as I could but it was too late.

She was dead.

“It’s all my fault. If only I didn’t say fairies don’t exist, she would still be alive”.

By Chase


Once Upon a Dream ….

First I am in space falling down to Earth with no other people from the human race.

Then I’m in a hole, looking for a mole.

After that I’m in a snake searching for a steak.

Finally  I’m in a rocket  about to WWHHOOSSHH!!!!!!!!!!!! off into space.

Now I’m at home planting gnomes in domes.

Soon I’ll go to a bakery to bake dough into cakes or bread.

By John


A Year Of Dreams

Baby sister please come,

I have brothers only some.

Trumpet trumpet and a bow,

Will you come with a POW!


26th lots of fun,

Games and challenges to be won.

Climbing the walls,

So incredibly tall!

By Keeley


Once Upon a Dream

I have a sad dream.

I cry and shiver.

This dream is a creepy dream.


I was sleepy and silent.

I was sad and depressed.

To dream about my family dying.

But not all my family.

By Krittika



 There’s a world for my own,

a world that only I can get to.

Full of magic and surprises

where fear never grows.

Walking through an enchanted forest

 meeting extraordinary and friendly creatures,

never seen before.

Breathing under water, flying like a bird –

is all I can imagine.

Fairies gathering, talking creatures, glow worms lighting the way.

This world is my dream,

my dream is where I want to be.

By Maali



Soaring high above undulating slopes,

I alight upon the purple heaths,

As I dive into the dream of my hopes,

I plunge into the deep coral reefs,

Soon I’m surrounded by flickering lights,

Silver, beautiful in the clear blue night,

A multitude of fish rush by,

I look around with an envious sigh,

The next thing I know,

I’m darting through,

The deep, peaceful ocean blue,

Speedily passing dolphins sleek and grey,

Their beauty so inconceivable, I can’t begin to say,

Life is so peaceful in this land of my own

I wish I could stay here forever, alone.

 By Maayan




As I fall into bed,

And as I rest my tired and weary head,

I think and fantasize about receiving a puppy,

His fur would be so soft and fluffy,

Nothing else in the world would matter that day,

I say to myself as I drift further and further away,

Then I’m driving away in my car,

But definitely not going very far,

A miniature pup jumps out at me,

Jumps on me and snuggles up to me,

But this heaven is not to last,

As I’m waking up, fast,

I prepare myself for the harsh sunlight,

And immediately losing the ability to take flight,

The beautiful land of dreams,

Where nothing is as it seems.

By Malachy


My Dream

Sleep consumes me,

Milky white is all I see.

Fwoosh! I’m in space

Further than the human race.

Swish! I’m soaring in the sky

Higher, higher and higher I fly.

Roar! I’m on a dinosaur,

It’s clear to me this dream is no bore.

Zoom! I’m falling from an airplane,

Higher than one- thousand cranes.

And the end.

I am awoken.

Back to reality.

By Oscar



The infinity of the oddity of darkness,

An ominous wind whistling in my ears.


In the shadows.

It comforts me. Darkness engulfs me.

Although the darkness stretches on forever,

I see further than one million miles,

It powers me.

I am safe from reality.

By Oscar



This dream, this dreaded dream,

In which I hoped I’d never see,

It crept up on me

Without me knowing

I suppose I’d better keep on going.


Sleep consumes me

I begin to see ,

Light flood in

Although I cannot pin

What comes next

In this desolate tale.


I turn plain pale

I look at the sturdy tree

Staring right back at me.


My sight warps.

I hear it talk,

A groaning voice

It’s not my choice.

It moaned,

In a depressed tone.


All I saw from then on more

Was teeth leading

To red then black then switching back.

I realised where I was

And a good thing because

Before I lead to my watery death

I took a deep breath

And saw a gleam

I realised it was all a dream.

By Poppy



I once had a dream,

It was full of bright gleam.

It’s about a residential we may all see.

We were thinking of awesome games,

This made me scared to orange flames.

I saw the sight of grey shiny stones,

It made me shiver to my bones.

I jumped off a black boarder,

It made me feel a little stronger.

I made sure I had a harness on,

And soon it was gone.

I soon landed on the floor,

When I realised I needed more.

I saw the rooms from the window,

Then all of a sudden they started to limbo.

Then it was time to go.

I was all alone.

I needed to clean,

But then when I woke up it was all a dream.

By Rhiana


A good dream turns bad


All of a sudden, I ended up on a chocolate sea.

I only had a twenty car garage.

Then I went in it and got out a Porsche 911 Coupe.

It landed with a R8, on the sea.

All of a sudden, a monster approached me from the sky and said…

“A human, isn’t that lovely, are you going to come to tea? I’ve got a pot cooking. I would love you to!” please.

Then a dinosaur came over and said, “I hate this dream, please help me.”

Then I woke up.

By Sam


If I could be anything I would be…

In my dreams I have done, lots of things shall be done, but I am here to tell you one, there I am on Victory being proud of all my victories, I have yet to lose one on my course I am ambushed by the French and Spanish fleets their I am on course for victory with death for me, with victory comes my death because of me

England WON.

By Charlie


The day I risked my life


Quicker and quicker I drive

I’m glad I’m still alive

Going faster by the minute

Going 159 miles an hour

I start losing control

Suddenly my world turns black

I’m not sure if I’ll ever come back…


Suddenly I see the light

I start to gain some strength

I look at the fall

I hear voices call

I see myself surrounded by alligators

Luckily a noise over the mountain

There comes a helicopter.

Saves me. Never again shall I risk my life.

By Tyler



It was close - the score was 2-2 in the finals.

A noise was loud and then there was a monster with a beard.

He ripped out some ones eye,

 And started to make them cry.

The child said “My mum”

And the monster went “Yum yum”.

Guards came and made it lame,

The sounds were a shame.

My dad got killed,

Until the monster died and every one came to life,

It was a miracle,

But fear still shakes me,

Will it come back,

Or will the fear lack?

By Tyler


Once upon a Dream


I fell asleep and drifted into a dream, it took place in a land that had rainbows and pink, fluffy unicorns.

I stepped on a rainbow and from out of nowhere a unicorn swished me into space.

I saw galaxies that were like glittering explosions in the sky.

The moon was sleeping with a loud snore, the stars were playing happily.

We landed on land and I thought how magnificent the dream was.

By Veneta



I once had a dream,

It was about the residential

Watching the camp fire

Burning brightly,

The heat of the fire

Warming up my hands.


Climbing up the wall

They’re so tall

Will I fall jumping off?

At the top in seconds I was

On the floor

It felt like a marshmallow pillow.

By Yasmin

Tuesday 9th May
This week we have looked at the latest craze of fidget spinners. Although in our school these have not been banned, we have explored the question 'Should fidget spinners be banned in schools?'. We have looked at the video on Newsround to gain ideas and enable us to begin to consider the two sides of the argument. Here are our thoughts....  What do you think about them? 

Fidget Spinners: Should they be banned?

Fidget Spinners are a new entertainment for kids that work tirelessly! Originally, they were designed for fidgety children who could not concentrate while doing their work; but now, Fidget Spinners have overrun school playgrounds. Children are getting them every day and taking them to school, playing with them at both break and lunchtimes.

But should they be banned? Maybe, maybe not. Some schools have banned them stating that they cannot speak without being ignored. However, some schools allow them, providing that they are only allowed out at break times and lunchtimes. We don’t think they should be banned as long as they are kept outside and don’t cause any trouble, but are used to have fun.

Adam and Marcus


Should we ban fidget spinners from school?

Fidget spinners should be banned – only joking! Although it is fair enough that teachers do not want them in the classroom, what harm can they do at playtime and lunchtimes? They are very fun to play with and they help people with their concentration and hand – eye coordination skills. The only reason that they should be banned is that if children swap them or break them they might get upset or start arguing.

Sam and Alastair


Fidget spinners

Over the past few weeks, people have been having fun with these new toys called fidget spinners. In some schools they have been banned because people have got too distracted with them and have not listening to the teachers. However in some schools teachers are letting the children use them but only in break times and lunch times. Some teachers are getting really bad headaches because of them plus children also get annoyed because they don’t have a fidget spinner and ask others to let them have a go and then they get in a fight.

Chase and Zain


Fidget spinners should be banned for people with no conditions 

We think that fidget spinners shouldn’t be banned for people with conditions because people with autism sometimes aren't able to focus properly when during work in class. But we think that people without conditions should not bring spinners because whenever people do their work they will rush it for taking out their spinners and showing them off and trading them.

Charlie and Mohammad


Fidget Spinner: Yes or No?

Throughout many schools there has been the same question about the new big addictive toy: should it be banned? St. Sidwells have settled for letting children have them in school as long as it is in the playground. In the classroom it could become a distraction that will make you not listen to the teacher. It is a fun thing in the playground but some children trade a fidget spinner and then realise they want their old one back!



Should they be banned?

The new craze – fidget spinners – has taken the world by storm. It’s more popular than any other toy (even the fidget cube); however some schools have banned these new stress toys in the playground and classroom alike. In our school we allow them in playtime but ban them in class, as children become distracted. Most kids will value their fidget spinner more than learning, making them want to watch friends do tricks than listening to the teacher. These were originally for kids with special problems such as autism, so why should children need it in class. It is supposed to reduce stress or is that just an excuse to bring them into class?

Veneta and Malachy



A fidget spinner is a spinny thing with 2-3 rounded points attached to a circular bolt, which spins for ages and comes in many different colours, patterns and shapes – very addictive and fun.

Keeley and Maayan


Should fidget spinners be banned from schools? 

We don’t think that fidget spinners should be banned from schools because it helps us to be happy when we are upset. The fidget spinner has made people become friends and helps take away stress. Maybe fidget spinners should be banned from classrooms because the children will not concentrate on the teacher and what they are focusing on. But can they still be used at break and lunchtime?

On the other hand, some people think they should be banned because if children drop them, they will get upset and if children swap them they may get upset as well.

Kelsie and krittika



No! I do not think fidget spinners should be banned from school because the children really like them. Although, they can get distracting by them in class however, they shouldn’t really get banned but they should only be used at lunch and breaktime.





Fidget spinners, the new fidget toys have been banned in lots of schools across the UK. Our school has decided to allow fidget spinners, so long as children don’t use them in class time. The teachers are very happy that to see the children having fun with the spinners so have allowed children to play with them during the break time and lunchtime.


There are lots of arguments for the  spinners to be banned however our school has come to the conclusion that as long as they are not getting distracted in class then they are a good thing.


By Poppy & Areena 


Fidget Spinners; Whats the big fuss?

At St.Sidwells, we do allow spinners, cubes and rollers but is that the right choice?

So, what are the up sides to fidget toys? People say they help you calm down and relieve you of stress. They are also used to help children with special conditions such as Autism. They’re lots of fun if used correctly and not used deceitfully (not telling your teacher).

Tadhg and Adam.



They should be banned because it is distracting in lessons and when people are having their lunches. We think they should just be used for people with autism and those who have difficultly concentrating. If people do like them they should keep them at home so they don’t get broken. Although, when children are feeling sad it can cheer them up.



Fidget spinner

We should have fidget spinners in school but to be only used at break time and lunch time. We would recommend this way because while your child is learning, some children will get distracted and will show tricks to other children and won’t listen to the teacher. Your child is allowed to bring them in school. If your child breaks their fidget spinner we are not responsible for it (which is your decision to bring it in).       

By Rhiana and Yasmin


Tuesday 2nd May

 Year 5 And 6 Residential

Before the Christmas holidays, we (year 5 and 6) got some very exciting news - we are going on a residential to the Eden Project from Monday the 26th to Wednesday the 28th of June!

We are all looking forward to it immensely and are very grateful to our teachers for organising the trip. We know  that we are so fortunate to be able to go.  

By Kelsie and Maayan


Year 5 & 6 Residential

On the 26th of June, we are going on a residential to the Eden Project YHA in Cornwall. We have rooms that only take 3 children, so soon we will be choosing who we will be with. We are looking forward to going for a walk in the woods at night and taking part in a range of activities, some we may have never done before! We are all so excited to go on our very first residential, although there are some children who has been away with their class in their previous school.

By Keeley, Yasmin and Poppy


Exeter City FC visit  by Alastair and Sam

On Tuesday 25th April 2017, Exeter City came to our school. The players signed our programmes, and so did the coaches! They played football and dodge ball with the younger children they also played handball. The players  posed for photos with the children (and some adults too). A great time was had by all, and the Exeter City players commented on the politeness and good manners of the children in our school.



On the 26th of June to the 28th of June, year 5 and year 6 are going to the Eden project. We hope we are going to have a lot of fun in these two nights and three days.  We are going to stay in the rooms of three or four. 

By Tyler and John


Exeter City

On Tuesday the 25th of April, Exeter City Football Club came to our school. Year  3 and 4 did different activities and at the end we went outside to see the Exeter City footballers.They gave everyone a leaflet and then we got their autographs.    

Adam and Tyler


 23th April 2017

On Tuesday we had an exciting visit from the ‘The Explorer Dome’ where they came and set up a big black dome in which we entered. Inside, we were lectured about the Sun, each of the planets in our Solar System and different constellations. We liked the bit when they projected the constellations on the inside and rotated it very fast making everyone dizzy!

28th June 2017 (Upcoming Event)

Very soon we are going on a residential at the Eden project where we will be doing exciting activities. Our class are very excited to be going away for this special treat for three days and just can’t wait.

By Tadhg and Oscar


Exeter City Football Club

During Tuesday 25th of April, Exeter City Football Club came in to our school. After a while, we went outside to meet them. Then we had a book full of their photos and then we asked for their autographs. Altogether, there were seven players – including 2 coaches. Year 5 had a great time!

Areena and Chase