Year 6

  • Mr McLeod

    Class Teacher

  • Miss Dymond

    Deputy Head/PPA Cover

  • Mrs Goff

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Statton

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Bland

    SEN Learning Support

  • Ms Riezzo

    Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Souyad

    EAL Support

Our PE days are Monday and Friday but please ensure that your child has their PE Kit in all week and they have a change for indoor and outdoor activities.
Home Learning is set every Wednesday and the children normally have a week to complete this. We have a Homework Club on Mondays at 12.30pm to encourage them to ask any questions and to provide some quiet time if this is difficult to arrange on occasions at home.
Reading In Year Six the children are also expected to read for 30 minutes a day.Please encourage your child to make entries into their reading journals (2-3 times a week) based on in the questions inside the cover.
Welcome to the Year 6's class page. In Year 6 Mr McLeod is the Class Teacher every day apart from Thursday when Miss Dymond teaches. Mrs Goff is the Teaching Assistant who helps with learning everyday and Mrs Statton is One-to-One Learning Support Assistant in class, too. Ms Riezzo, Mrs Bland and Mrs Souyad help our learning throughout the week with different children to meet their specific needs.
Home Learning- for FRIDAY 17th March
This week, the first part of your Home Learning needs a parent or carer to listen to you, so please get them to comment on your success....remember it is for Friday!
Good Luck!
Visit from Local Artist - Thursday 23rd March 2017
This afternoon, Year 5 and 6 were visited by local landscape artist, Alan Cotton. Alan came in to talk to us about the Otter Project that will be happening on Dartmoor over the summer. Alan, along with 99 other artists from all over the country, has designed and painted an otter that will be put on a trail along Dartmoor. 
The project is hoping to raise awareness and encourage people to visit Dartmoor. In a similar approach to other more urban trails, such as the gorillas and rhinos, the otters will be placed at different locations for you to try and find. When the otters have been placed across the Moor, there will be a booklet which will tell you where each one is located and in which you can tick off those you visit.
Once the trail is over, the otters will be auctioned in the hope of raising £100,000 for Dartmoor National Park.
Alan showed us his own otter which is a beautifully painted landscape representation of Dartmoor across the four seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer. He has named it 'Otter for all Seasons'. We also saw photographs of two other artists work.
We hope you will all get a chance to complete the trail.
Lego Cathedral visit                       Tuesday 14th March
On Tuesday 14th March, Years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed an outing to the Cathedral. Here, we helped build the scaled Lego model of the Cathedral by laying, some of the bricks for “module 25”- 300,000 bricks will be needed for completion!

The donations we made go towards the upkeep of the building and, as they have seven full-time stone masons, they need to keep raising a lot of money.

As well as the Lego build we enjoyed a really interesting tour where we found out about ceiling roses, flying buttresses, owls, the colours of the cathedral, the shape of a cathedral plan,the astronomical clock and hickory dickory dock, and the gargoyles and grotesques. I wonder if your child will be able to remember what these were?

Thank you to FOSSS for organising a fun and educational morning.



Rich Parker- X-GAMES Silver medalist- Visits Year 6 and St Sidwells

On Monday 6th March, Mr Upston brought a very special visitor into the school. Rich Parker is a professional ‘Vert’ skater and holds a silver medal from the X Games- he is the equivalent of an Olympic silver medalist in his sport! Rich spent the first part of the morning with Year 6 and told us about the challenges he had faced en route to his success. His focus for the whole school was perseverance- he talked of the disappointments that he overcame in order to achieve his great success- while for Year 6, he talked about performing under pressure. He emphasised the practice, determination and focus needed to achieve your best and the children shared their thoughts, experiences and successful strategies, too. Rich also introduced some games to help us develop these skills and below you can see us in action. Rich was a real inspiration and we hope he keeps on achieving continued success on those terrifying half-pipes!



Castle Projects- Friday  March 3rd 2017

A big thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to pop in and see their children's great efforts today (Friday 3rd March). If you missed out then I have asked the children to rearrange a suitable date. As I mentioned, there was a lot of great effort and many creative ways of sharing their research, so a big well done to the class. I will also be sending away a few leaflets to those running the castles, so watch this space.
Friday 3rd March 3.30pm
Dear Parents/Carers
Apologies for the short notice in getting this to you in writing but, if your child has not mentioned it, then they have asked to share their castle projects with you on Friday, after school, in the Year 6 Classroom.
Their projects were very well-received by Miss Dymond and Mr Page last Friday, and I am sure you will enjoy seeing the results of some great effort, creativity and research.
If you are unable to make this date then please let me know and we will set aside your child's work if another date is easier.
Best wishes
Mr McLeod
Design and Technology- Cooking - 7th February 2017
As well as developing basic cooking skills and knowledge in areas such as hygiene, nutrients, measuring, cutting and mixing we had a tasting day where we each wrote our opinions on the  muffins.
We voted on ingredients to add to our basic muffin recipes and we created four types of muffin: chocolate chip, lemon curd, pesto and garlic.
Most of us had been particularly looking forward to the chocolate chip but in our write-ups on appearance, smell, texture and taste they only came third with lemon curd and garlic the top two.
As you can see from the pictures, some of us enjoyed the muffins more than others!
Ancient Egypt Day 6th January 2017
To celebrate and consolidate our Ancient Egypt Learning we spent an exciting day where we all dressed up as Pharoahs and mummies. We made and ate a variety of foods that were new to some of us but familiar to others such as dates, olives and humous on breads; we 'obviously' followed our great mummy-creating instructions- including removing the guts (only red jelly though) and wrapped our mummies in lined (toilet roll!); we wrote hieroglyphics; and created our own jewellery and board games.
We had a great day!