Year 6 Spring 2020

Varjak excerpt of you asked for a sample of your writing to be posted for your parents- here you go....enjoy!
Canopic jars- Part 2
Here we have the 'finished' jars. Sadly, a few proved to be just a little too delicate but the children also produced some clay 'cartouche' on which they carved out the hieroglyphic version of their names. The cartouche would accompany the dead en route to heaven


Varjak- Freeze Frame

In our writing, it can help to role play the characters, get in their minds and picture what they might do in scenarios that we might use in our own stories. Here, the children were freeze-framing character situations from their own new “Varjak” stories. Hopefully, this thought process will lead to character empathy that is then reflected in Year Six’s own stories.


Safer Internet Day- Activity Link
A few of you asked for this link in order to explore further at home. Here you go- stay safe!


Ancient Egypt Day

A great day today learning about the Ancient Egyptians and enjoying lots of fun activities. We played the board game, Senet; we learnt about hieroglyphics, the Rosetta Stone and made a clay cartouche; we analysed some artefacts; we cooked some tasty Egyptian food and devoured it; and of course, we mummified each other with toilet rolls. Lots of fun and enthusiasm from Year 6. Special thank you to Mrs Goff for her cooking expertise and for running up and down to help out in the afternoon, too; and to all the parents and children for their great efforts on the outfits from mummies to queens to Anubis!

Have a lovely half term everyone.



Canopic Jars


Weeks of trial and error, of developing new skills from ‘pinch’ to ‘coil’ to ‘slab’ pots, and of patience and clay breakages, has finally seen the ‘almost’ completion of our canopic jars.

These vessels had a very important job during the Ancient Egyptian’s mummification process and the children have chosen their favourite of the four although we’re not sure what they will actually put inside them yet!!

Well done to Year 6 for their perseverance here as clay can be a tricky medium.



Coding together


After a half term of re-visiting and developing our ICT skills, the children have been turning to Coding or ‘Programming’ this half-term. In PowerPoint, we have been planning adventure stories that allow the reader to make some choices and the aim is that we will then be writing a similar style of interactive story using the computer language of Python.

This week the children have been completing a levelled Python platform game that has introduced them to using loops in their instructions and reminding them of the need to be accurate and to sequence instructions correctly.

This was a fun activity that saw the children work really nicely to support each other’s learning especially when frustration levels began to rise…



Exeter City Football Tournament


 Eight Year 6 boys represented St Sidwell’s in a football tournament at Exeter University on Thursday 23rd January. The tournament was organised by Exeter City FC.  The boys had a lot of fun in the cold and put a great effort in to qualify for the quarter finals of the shield.

Thank you to Mrs Goff and Miss Moore for accompanying and supporting the boys despite the freezing conditions.

Well done, everyone!

Dear Parents
Welcome back!
There will be a new term letter appearing shortly but I have become increasingly aware that several Year 6 children have TikTok accounts on their phones. I am sure that you are aware of this but I think it is important that we all have as much information as possible as the internet can be a confusing and ever-changing space.
I have enclosed a helpful sheet below.
Best regards
Mr McLeod
Paired Reading with Year 2
Your child may have told you that Year 6 and Year 2 children have begun to explore their reading together.
The older children have been developing their understanding of text through questioning and the younger children demonstrating their fluency and comprehension to their Year 6 partners.
A great first session focused on "The GingerBread man" and I think several Year 6 children have realised that they need to raise their game.
Well done, everyone!