St Sidwell's C of E Primary and Nursery School

St Sidwell's C of E Primary and Nursery School

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Art and Design


We want our pupils at St Sidwell's to learn Art and Design, so that:


  • They can explore, express and invent individual and collective ideas, experiences, feelings and impressions
  • They develop factual knowledge and the skills of visual and tactile arts
  • They are inspired and supported in their personal artistic journey
  • They develop artistic attributes: curiosity, open-mindedness, reflectiveness, problem-solving, questioning, attention to detail, excitement, risk-taking and a sense of awe and wonder
  • They have a life-long love of creativity which enhances the quality of their lives, improves their well-being and increases their capacity for beauty and joy



We have made careful selections from the AccessArt curriculum to build our Art Curriculum.


We teach one unit of Art each half-term.



Ms Tong leads Art and Design in our school, from Nursery to Year 6.

School Motto

Thinking Creatively, Learning Together, Trusting in God.

Mission Statement

Hope, Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust, Peace