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Spring Term 2023

Times Table Rockstar Tournament Winners - March 2023


At St Sidwell's, we recognise the importance of being fluent in our times table knowledge. As part of the St Christopher's trust, a 'Top of the Rocks' tournament was set up to create some friendly competition between trust schools.


The tournament lasted two weeks and was for all children in Key Stage 2 to participate in. After the hard jamming and gigging sessions, St Sidwell's came third place out of fifteen schools with Year 6 taking the top spot for the most correct answers!


A massive well done to all the children in Year 6for all of their effort! 

Living Eggs - Chicks - March 2023


Year 6 loved being able to hold the chicks this morning. It was so lovely to see to egg hatch and watch the chicks develop so quickly, even if they did poo a little bit.


Thank you to FOSSS for enabling this wonderful opportunity to take place.

PE - Badminton 

Monday 28th February 2023


This half-term, Year 6 are learning a new game: badminton. After developing skills in tennis in the autumn term, we first began by thinking about similarities and differences. We noted that while both games have a net, racket and something to hit over to an opponent, badminton is different because it has: a shuttlecock not a ball; a higher net and a smaller headed, lighter racket.

The children, so far, have enjoyed this new game.  

DT - Cams and Mechanical Toys

This half-term, we are focusing on our DT learning; the children have been challenged to create a CAM, mechanical toy. 


On Friday 24th February 2023, we had to prepare our frames ready to do some testing in the following lessons. Using bench jacks, hack saws and wooden poles, the children had to use their measuring sheets to measure what they need and then cut it safely. 

Spring Term 2 2023


In English, we will be focusing on traditional tales with our focus text being 'The Princess' Blankets' by Carol Ann Duffy. We will then move on to information and instruction writing with the text 'The Jungle Survival Handbook.'


After completing our learning and application of decimals, we will be moving on to fractions, decimals and percentages, area perimeter and volume and finally statistics. 


Our topic in Science is 'Living things and their habitats'. We will be looking at how we can classify living things. Additionally, we will explore characteristics of different living things including plans and animals and explore the role of microorganisms play in our lives.


Our key question this half term is: 'Why is fair trade fair?' We will begin by looking at The Silk Road, following on from this we will look at Marco Polo: the merchant and the container ship. We will explore the imports and exports between the UK and China and explore what fair trade is and what it means for farmers like Melvin Joseph, a banana plantation worked in St. Lucia. 


Music lessons will be focused around one song: You’ve Got A Friend by Carole King.


In DT, we will be looking a CAMS and mechanical toys. The children will plan, design, make and evaluate their products.


Our Puzzle Piece for our JIGSAW learning is 'Healthy Me'. We will focus on healthy relationships as well as drugs and alcohol and the effects these can have on our bodies and minds.


Our RE learning will explore the question: What do Christians believe Jesus did to ‘save’ human beings? This will link with Easter and Jesus' death on the cross. 


In French, we will be using the Salut! program to explore 'a weekend with friends'.  


Using Purple Mash, we will text adventures and networks. 



We will be continue to develop our attacking and defending skills and team work through tag rugby and learning a new game: badminton. 




Our finished posters - February 2023


Still image for this video

Art - Friday 6th January 2023


In our first art lesson, we looked at the artist Luba Lukova. Luba Lukova is New York-based artist whose images have been exhibited worldwide. Her messages reflect the human condition, fundamental fairness, and justice.


We explore four pieces of her art work and considered the messages she was portraying before moving on to consider what message we would like to give to the world. 

Spring Term 1 2023


Please find details of what we will be learning for the first half of the spring term. 



In English, we will explore narrative writing, focusing on atmosphere and tension. We will then look at information text writing using the text 'Anatomy'.


We will begin by learning about ratio, moving on to algebra and then develop our understanding and application of decimals. 


Our topic in Science is 'Animals Including Humans'. We will be exploring the circulatory system, what is a healthy life style and also the effects of exercise on the human body.


Our key question this half term is: 'How have the medical breakthroughs of the last 250 years affected the lives of people in Britain?' We will explore the plague of 1665, the development of vaccinations and also look at significant people such as Louis Pasteur, Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie focusing on how their discoveries have improved medicine. 


Music lessons will be focused around one song from Benjamin Britten's Friday Afternoons: A New Year Carol. 


In art, we will be exploring activism. We will start by introducing pupils to artists who are activists, and then we go on to identify and voice the things we care about as individuals. We will then create our own posters using collage, print and drawing.


Our Puzzle Piece for our JIGSAW learning is 'Dreams and Goals'. We will focus on what our goals are and consider what we can do to achieve them. 


Our RE learning will explore the religion of Sikhism. We will be exploring what it means to be a Sikh in Britain today. 


In French, we will be exploring family. We will look at family members and how we can describe our family members. 


Using Purple Mash, we will explore blogging. We will look at what blogs are and attempt to write a blog, too. 



We will be developing our gymnastic skills and continue to develop our attacking and defending skills and team work through hockey. 

School Motto

Thinking Creatively, Learning Together, Trusting in God.

Mission Statement

Hope, Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust, Peace