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The Green Team

The Green Team meet with Mrs Hallett and take an active interest in how eco-friendly our school is. They have monitored energy use and been very pro-active in reminding us all to switch off lights and projectors when they are not needed! They have investigated waste and are ambassadors for re-cycling.


The Team also take an interest in creating an eco-friendly outdoor environment and are now involved with Devon Wildlife Trust and the Devonshire Place Residents' Association.


Please catch up with us in the outdoor learning section of the website. We are trialing a new approach to involve more children in outdoor play over the year.


Green Team worked collaboratively to complete the 'toad hole' in the wildlife area.

23rd June

Thank you to all the community gardeners.

Thank you to Sara's mum for making cherry pie for the workers with the cherry harvest.

On a real summers afternoon over ten families joined us for some gardening in the sunshine. We weeded, planted and prepared the ground for the raised beds that are due to arrive after half term. Every child made their own pot and planted a seed to grow at home.



Preparing for our next task - creating a toad hole. We had to work out which direction was North.

We are getting prepared for our next project - making a toad hole!

We have been making a mini pond to attract more wildlife to the area. We had to dig a hole the correct size to add an old tray and make a layer of gravel at the bottom. We collected stones to edge the path and sticks to make emergency escape routes for creatures that fall in accidentally.

Summer Term 1: Making natural pigments


The Green Team asked if they could have the opportunity to make their own paint. What a fantastic idea!

This week we went into the wildlife area to experiment with how to make the best paint using what nature provides.

Tilly had a great idea about how to make the natural materials break down to release their juices!

We had a great time and plan to continue our research in the next meeting.

The Green Team have been making posters to encourage people to take care of our world. We have been thinking of creative ways to convince people to be kind to the world.

Parent support has been a vital part of our development of the school grounds. Opportunities have included: developing wildlife areas, a blind walk, an orchard, a sensory garden and an allotment.

News from the outdoors

A big thank you to the parents and staff who have helped us to make a start on the pond. 

We have removed the old liner and emptied out the mud.

We have fitted an underliner and new pond liner and replaced a small amount of mud to tempt the frogs and newts back.

Luckily the recent rain is beginnng to fill the pond and we are hoping that the frogs and newts will breed.

In March our community gardeners worked on enlarging the allotment for new raised beds and weeded the keyhole garden and planted the bean plants grown by year 1.

Summer term 1

The Green Team have decided to create a mini pond near to the main pond to enable children to safely look at smaller creatures that live in water.

We have dug a hole and recycled an old tidy tray to line it. M was a good leader and made sure that the ground was level. The team worked together to gather stones to go around the edge and to add sticks to allow wildlife to get out of the pond.

School Motto

Thinking Creatively, Learning Together, Trusting in God.

Mission Statement

Hope, Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust, Peace