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St Sidwell's C of E Primary and Nursery School

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Volunteering at St Sidwell's

We welcome volunteers at St Sidwell's to enhance the learning opportunities of our pupils. Volunteers at our school bring with them a range of skills and experience. Therefore, the Local Governing Board welcomes and encourages volunteers from the local community. These volunteers may include:  

  • Members of the Governing Body  

  • Parents of pupils  

  • Ex-pupils  

  • Students on work experience  

  • Ex-members of staff  

  • Local residents  

  • Friends of the school  


The types of activities that volunteers engage in, on behalf of the school, include:  

  • Hearing pupils read  

  • Working with small groups of pupils to assist them in their learning  

  • Working alongside individual pupils, as an additional tutor  

  • Accompanying school visits  

  • Fundraising activities (e.g. PTA) 


However, in accordance with KCSIE, we continue to adopt robust recruitment procedures that deter and prevent people who are unsuitable to work with children from applying for volunteering opportunities in the school. 

If you are interested in volunteering at St Sidwell's, please complete appendices 1 and 2 on the volunteer's policy.

School Motto

Thinking Creatively, Learning Together, Trusting in God.

Mission Statement

Hope, Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust, Peace