40 acts of Generosity Challenge

1st February 2018
40 Acts 2018 - Generosity Challenge
40acts is the generosity challenge for Lent, created by UK Christian Charity, Stewardship.
Lent is one of the most important times of the year for many Christians around the world.
Different people observe Lent in different ways, though by and large most people do this by giving something up for Lent. Whether you are intending to give up chocolate, fast food, social media or the Internet, 40acts encourages you to do something generous during Lent too. 40acts is not just about giving something up, but going a step further and giving out to someone else.
At school, we will be following the ‘40 Acts Generosity Challenge’ but we would also love you to join in as a family at home.
Please find the family wall chart and guide so that you can take up the challenge along with us.