Additional Information- Especially relevant for online learning

Additional Information
Emphasis on accessing learning and activities from home
Hello, Year 4- this information is on here from March 2020. which we used with the children when the school was in Lockdown from March.
It is still useful if you would like to explore further learning and will be relevant should we need to close the School or should our "bubble" or "pod" have to close down for short periods, too.
Later in the term this will be updated to reflect the Whole School's approach to Remote Learning as we prepare for moving forwards.
Extra reading resources:
  • You can download the kindle app to a phone/tablet/PC and purchase books from here. You can find thousands of book titles on the Accelerated Reader BookFinder website (quick google) which will suggest titles that are in your range. Don't worry too much about right levels though, just read and quiz as much as you can! 
           We will continue to update your reading levels throughout the year so that  you can see how you                      progress.
  • Parents can also sign you up to  which has some free eBooks for your age.
  • Ideas for books to purchase:
  • Below is a link which allows you to borrow e-books and audio books from Devon libraries. You do need to already be a member of the library but parents can join online if needed. The place to do that is here:
  • Also, on AR (Accelerated Read) there is an extra option which is reading ‘articles’. You can click on the orange tile next to the star reading/quizzing options when they first log in. They are all non-fiction, can be searched according to topic/level and you can quiz on them afterwards as usual. There are also the vocabulary quizzes still available. 
The following links to online information will be needed:
Accelerated Reader website:
Times Table Rock Stars:
These and your Spelling Shed login and have been attached to your Reading Journal

Student username: st-sidwells-ce-primary-school-student

Student password: ar9hrgwx


When logged in, click on 'Target Your Maths - Year 4' and complete activities on the given page number for each day.

 Challenge A = working towards Year 4 expectations

Challenge B = working at Year 4 expectations

Challenge C = working at greater depth


For those of you who need more support with maths:


***ADVICE FOR PARENTS AND CARERS- Keeping your children safe online***


Dear Parents and Carers

We are aware that this is a strange time for us all and in communications and learning, we are finding that the internet and its use on various devices, is increasingly important.

Regardless of how you feel about this, it is important for us all that we are able to keep our children safe  when they are online. There are some informative links on our parent page but I would like to draw your attention to these links with the first option providing age- related ideas (you may like to look at the older age group, too, depending on how ‘Savvy’ your child is?

Take care, stay safe and ask your teacher if you need further advice.

Thrive/Mindfulness Resources
Below are some Thrive and Mindfulness activity ideas. These are some activities that give children the opportunity to relax and have some fun. You are NOT expected to do these or you might have some ideas of your own that you are already doing. 
Again, as it is an odd time and each child will react differently, I have kept these on the site for you to access should you want to try some mindful exercises with your child
PE Activities
Please try to stay active and do some of these activities every day
Use Just Dance videos on YouTube and also GoNoodle which you can access via YouTube, too.