Autumn Term 1 2020

Please see below your spellings for the rest of this half-term :)
Knowledge Organisers
We will be introducing Knowledge Organisers to children from Year 2 up. A Knowledge Organiser is a single A4 sheet that sets out the core knowledge (‘powerful knowledge’) that pupils will learn in a given topic. They can be used as a quizzing and assessment tool to help pupils recall of key knowledge.  The knowledge organisers will support you in knowing what it is that your child is learning, investigating and discovering in Topic, Science and RE (KS2).

These Knowledge Organisers will be introduced to your child in school and they will be on the class pages of our website for the term.  Sometimes home learning will be to investigate further information about a key fact on a Knowledge Organiser.

We will also be using these as part of our remote learning offer, should a child or pod need to self-isolate.

Harvest 2020
This Harvest, Mrs Briggs asked us the BIG question: 'If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?' We discussed this as a class and decided to create imaged of a world which we want to live in.
Watch the video below to see our thoughts and ideas!
We have begun to look at the work of Fernand Leger. We will take inspiration from his art work to create our pieces based on our topic of World War II.
This week, the children have looked at pieces of work from Fernand and recreated them in their sketch books; looking at the shapes, texture and colours. 
World Mental Health Day - Friday 9th October 2020
World Mental Health Day is celebrated each year on the 10th October. As we won't be in school tomorrow, we had our mental health day today. As this year's campaign was called '#helloyellow', we wore yellow and use props in our own 'photo booth' style. 
As a classed we discussed how we thought the colour yellow was chosen as we felt it was quite a happy colour and could make people feel happy! After discussing mental health and what it means to us we drew around our hands and used our fingers and thumb to represent people who we could talk to about our feelings. We also considered how we were going to look after our mental health going forward - maybe one of our '10 a day'.
Year 6, please know, if you ever want to talk about your feelings, you can come and speak to me or another adult you trust. Please always share how you are feeling - be brave and ask for help! You are not alone! :)
Apple Harvest
Last week, Miss Wilson and Year 3 collected the apples from our school orchard. Miss Wilson and her parents pressed the juice and this morning, we were able to enjoy the St. Sidwell's apple juice - it was really delicious.
Thank you to Miss Wilson and her parents and thank you to the trees for providing us with apples! 
Kintsugi Bowls
On our return to school, we started to reflect on our time during lockdown and how that time is now part of our history. We explored this through the Japanese art of Kintsugi bowls. In Japan, when a precious bowl is broken, it is fixed with gold glue; this glue adds to the bowl's beauty and is part of the item's history.
The children have now finished their bowls and they are brilliant! The children really thought carefully about their emotions and feelings during lockdown. They considered what they enjoyed, what they didn't enjoy and what they would still like to continue to do despite lockdown being over.
Well done, Year 6! A great effort from all of you! 
Forest School - Monday Afternoons
Forest school is an outdoor education delivery model in which students explore natural spaces to learn personal, social and technical skills.
At St. Sidwell's, we are lucky enough to be developing our own Forest School Area in our playground. Year 6 will do Forest School in two groups on Monday afternoons. 
Monday 19th October 2020
This afternoon was Year 6's last Forest School session. Needless to say, they had lots of fun. They created fires and were lucky enough, again, to roast marshmallows using sticks to hold them over the fire!
We are hoping, that before they leave primary - probably during the Summer Term - Year 6 will be able to have another opportunity to take part in some Forest School activities!
Thank you to Mr Slater for organising and running our Forest School sessions :) 
Monday 12th October 2020
This afternoon, was Year 6's penultimate Forest School. As well building and lighting a fire, the children used knives to cut wood.
Monday 5th October 2020
This afternoon, the children used knives to cut wood to create necklaces and bracelets. 
Monday 28th September 2020
This afternoon, the children enjoyed building dens and created a big fire. The children had great fun!
Monday 22nd September 2020
This afternoon, the children enjoyed making fires and especially enjoyed a toasted marshmallow! 
Monday 14th September 2020
This afternoon, the children spent time digging, using saws as well as loppers to trim large over-grown branches which surround the forest school area. 
The parts which have been cut will be re-used to create a fence around the forest school area.
The children came back into the classroom and shared that they had had a great time. Be sure to ask them what their favourite part was and what they're looking forward to next week :)
Tuesday 22nd September 2020
This afternoon, during our 10 minute outdoor break, we found a hedgehog in the school grounds. It was very close to the vegetable raised beds and was sleeping. Year 6 decided to call it Pog :) 
Week Beginning: 7th September 2020
What a first week back we have had together, Year 6! Firstly, well done for coming to school and getting on so well after having such a long time off. We have done a lot this week and whilst it has been tiring; I have had fun; I hope you have, too!
This week, we have done lots of exercise, inside and outside, in our PE sessions, started to reflect on our time in lockdown and begin our Kintsugi bowls - be sure to tell your grown ups about this - do they know what is special about this bowl? We also had our first collective worship via Zoom - it was different but how nice was it see Mrs Brigg's face? 
I hope you have a lovely weekend. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for another busy, but hopefully, fun-filled week :)
Be good, be kind and be safe.
Miss Woodhouse