Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to Year 6!
Take a look at what we have being doing during the Autumn Term :)
Christmas Dinner - Thursday 16th December 2021
The children enjoyed their last Christmas Dinner at Primary School today. Thank you to Jo in the kitchen for making it delicious. 
Christmas Party - Wednesday 15th December 2021
This afternoon, Year 6 enjoyed their last Christmas party at Primary School. They enjoyed some typical party games including pass the parcel and musical statues.
Then, as a reward for getting 10 of the class on their party boat reward chart, they went outside to have a game of dodgeball - Mr McLeod couldn't resist and even joined in, too.
After this, the children came in and had some food and drink - the children then decided to have their own karaoke party - it was lovely to see them smiling and laughing together.
I hope the children had a great afternoon - thank you for all the donations for the food and drink!
Gymnastics - Monday 29th November 2021
This afternoon, the children were able to have a go on the 'big' apparatus as well as practice their vaults , jumps and rolls. They had lots of some and lots of them faced their fears, too!
The children were so supportive of each other; it was a great lesson!
Tree Dressing - November 2021
Tree dressing is celebrated in different cultures all over the world. It’s a tradition that brings people closer to trees and highlights the important role they play in our lives. It’s also a great way of saying thank you to trees for all the benefits they provide. 
As a class, we discussed the trees in the school grounds and decorated pieces of wood to add to the tree. The children will be able to bring them home to hang on their own trees, too.
Exeter Blitz Tour - Thursday 18th November 2021
This morning, Year 6 went on a tour of Exeter to see how it was affected in during the Blitz. This coincides with their learning about World War II. The children, and adults, found out some fantastic information such as Mary, the carrier pigeon, who was awarded the Dicken Cross for her effort in the war. The Dicken Cross is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. We saw two statues in Princess Hay (by HMV and JD Sports) which we had never seen before - they symbolise despair and hope and we also found saw evidence of what happened to building during the Blitz, such as Della's Café which was destroyed. 
It was a really great time; our guides Clive and Dave were very knowledgeable and the children, and staff, had a great tour. 
Fernand Leger - Art
After completing observational drawings of some Fernard Legar's  pieces of work, we used his techniques of shape, colour and texture to create our own montage-style of artefacts from World War II.
We have begun to look at the work of Fernand Leger. We will take inspiration from his art work to create our pieces based on our topic of World War II.
This week, the children have looked at pieces of work from Fernand and recreated them in their sketch books; looking at the shapes, texture and colours.