Autumn Term 2021

Rock Steady Concert- The Stripy Badgers!
You can find the video of the concert on our Google Classroom page. 
Alan Cotton
To link in with our Geography topic about Mountains, Alan Cotton came in to visit the children and show some of his amazing paintings! The children had a great afternoon trying to recreate some of Alan's work using thickened acrylic paint. Thank you, Alan for coming in, the children had a fantastic time!
On Tuesday, Kevin came in to do some apple pressing with some classes. Year 3 had a great time chopping up the apples, scritting them, pressing them and finally drinking the juice! Thank you, Kevin!
On Monday 13th September, Year 3 and 1 went to a local field to explore the landscape and nature there. We did some observational drawings then returned to school and had a go at using watercolours and pens.