Autumn Term 2 2020

Knowledge Organisers
Don't forget, you will be tested on your spellings each Friday :)
Welcome to the second half of the Autumn Term. We had a great start to Year 6; let's ensure it continues this half-term.
We will be continuing with our learning about World War II and will be exploring 'Light' in our science learning - developing learning from Year 3!
I am looking forward to half-term of fun and learning - let's do it!
Christmas Lunch - Friday 11th December 2020
Today, Year 6 enjoyed their last Christmas Dinner at Primary School :) 
November 2020 - Tree Dressing Week
Along with the rest of the school, Year 6 have been preparing leaves to hang on the tree in the playground. To link with our topic, World War II, the class wrote descriptive paragraphs about when The Blitz came to Exeter. They wrote from the perspective of th tree; some included witnessing the infant black getting bomb - which really did happen!
well done, Year 6! Great efforts with your writing! 
Wednesday 25th November 2020
This morning, in gymnastics, we explore how to vault. Some of us started on a smaller piece of apparatus and others moved on to the bigger one. It made our hands ache a little but it was great fun!
Wednesday 18th November 2020
In gymnastics today, we practiced handstands and cartwheels - we really had to think about using out core muscles to help our balance.
Armistice Day  - Wednesday 11th November 2020
Wednesday 11th November 2020 - Gymnastics
In this week's gymnastic session we revisited our jumping from last week but used larger and taller apparatus. Following on from this, we then looked at different rolls, including front rolls (both crouched and from standing), backwards rolls, teddy bear rolls and finally a front roll into a straddle. Next week, we are going to put our jumps and rolls together to create the first part of a sequence of movements. 
Cooking with Rations - Monday 9th November 2020
This week, we are exploring rationing that was experienced in Britain during World War II. As such, the children worked in groups this morning to cook and create a range of war time recipes, including: 
  • Carrot Cookies;
  • Sweet Potato spread (with a little bit of cocoa);
  • Vinegar Cake;
  • Fruity Potato Cakes
Please ask your child what they thought about these. It really made them think about how lucky they are with the food that we have today.
Gymnastics - PE
This half-term, in PE, we will be focusing on gymnastics and the strength and control needed to complete a range of movements, including jumps, rolls and vaulting. Today, Thursday 5th November, we explored a range of jumps and use a bench as a piece of apparatus to support us in completing these jumps. 
It was tiring but fun. The children really had to consider how they were using their bodies to ensure they took off and landed safely to try to avoid injury. 
Well done, Year 6, for a great first lesson!
Fernand Leger - Art
We are continuing to focus on the artist Fernand Leger. We have completed observational drawings of some of his pieces and are now using his techniques of shape, colour and texture to create our own montage-style of artefacts from World War II.
Computing - Monday 2nd November 2020
This half-term, in our Computing lessons, we will be exploring EXCEL and how we can use it to perform calculations for us.
Today, the children learnt how to change the a cell's colour, how to add a border and also how to change the font. We also progressed to writing formulas so that the cell of our choice would show an answer to one of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). It was exciting seeing how our formula created something which seemed like 'magic'.
We will be developing these skills as we progress through this half-term, so keep you eyes peeled for further progress. Today we used the Chormebooks to complete our learning - they are much faster and help us to remember our Google Classroom logins as we need them to login. As a school, we are fundraising so that we can buy another set to enhance and support our learning in class. Please see our 'Go Fund Me' page below.