Cultural Day

8th July 2019
Cultural Day - Monday 8th July 2019
Today was our annual whole school Cultural Day. Where previously, the whole school have learned about the same country, this year, school council went to their classes and asked each class to vote for the country of their choice. 
The Foundation Stage Unit chose China, Ms Wang was able to share some information from her life there. Year 1 chose Columbia, a member of their class is from there and he was keen to share everything he knows. Year 2 chose France; Year 3 chose Poland, again several children in the class have families from Poland. Year 4 chose the USA; Year 5 chose Brazil as a new member of their class is from there and Year 6 chose South Korea as we have some children from South Korea in our school.
It’s been a great day where the children have been able to share food from their chosen countries, learn and teach other classes games from their country and also share what they have done with the rest of the school and parents at an assembly.
At Sidwell’s, we have a variety of cultures, languages and beliefs, however, we all know that it doesn’t matter where we are from, who we are, what we believe or what we like - we are all special, valued and amazing!
Thank you to all the parents who came to the assembly and also to all those who made and provided food for the children to try in the classes!