First Aid Training

19th June 2017
First Aid Training - Monday 19th June 2017
This morning, Year 5 were joined by Mr Upston, from St. Luke's high school, to be taught first aid training. The three hour session involved what to do if you found someone unconscious - including checking for danger, checking the patients air ways and placing them in the recovery position. The children used 'Little Annie's' to practice CPR - doing 30 chest compressions and two large breaths. Following this, Miss Woodhouse and Mr Upston demonstrated how to safely use a defibrillator, in case of heart attack. Year 5 were taught what to do if someone was choking - apply five slaps to the patients back with the heel of your hand, then, after asking, apply five abdominal thrusts. The children did this to each other, however, without the actual force we would use in order to keep ourselves and friends from becoming injured. The children then were taught how to apply pressure and bandage a patients arm and leg if there was bleeding and blood loss.
The children learnt a lot and also go to put what they had learnt to the test, they were sensible and showed what great first aiders they are. Well done, Year 5! Thank you Mr Upston for coming and teaching us as well.