Home Learning for 13.01.21

Good morning!

Here are the links to the home learning for today:



Please watch Session 3 today. I have also attached the accompanying activity sheet below (this is also available on the website, next to the video).

Here is a link to a game we will be playing in school today:


If you click on a frog, it will move into the pond. How many different ways can you arrange the frogs? Can you put all of them into the pond? Can you put 0 frogs into the pond?

For an extra challenge, you might like to print out the attached 'ways of making 5' worksheet. Can you add 5 dots to each ladybird, arranging them in different ways? Can you write the number sentence underneath? E.g. 4 + 1 = 5.



Ditty Group - please see the Ditty plan pdf and the Ditty Wednesday pdf.

Green group - please see the Green pdf and the photos and video, which all relate to your book, On the bus.

Any questions, please ask!

Have a lovely day!