Living Eggs

14th March 2021
Living Eggs 
On the 14th March, ten eggs arrived at school and were placed carefully in the library area. The children and staff waiting in anticipation for the eggs to hatch and they didn't have to wait for long. The following morning, on Tuesday 15th March, Mrs Briggs arrived at school to find three eggs had hatched. As the children arrived, they were excited to see the newly born chicks. Eventually by the middle of the week, all ten eggs had hatched - Miss Dymond even managed to catch an egg hatching on video (see the first video below - link to YouTube).
This week, the week beginning to 22nd March, the children and staff were most excited as they were going to be able to have the opportunity to hold the chicks. Needless to say, the children were very keen to do this and it gave them great happiness and satisfaction to hear the chicks cheeps and feel their soft fur on their skin.
Today, Friday 26th March, the chicks will be leaving us to return to their farm so they can live our the rest of their lives. We are hoping to have some more eggs next year and make this a regular occurrence as it has bought so much joy to the children during this different time. 
A big thank you to FOSS for supporting this activity! Also thank you to the parents and carers for supporting FOSS, it is through fundraising events which FOSS organises that we are able to do these activities with the children.