We want our pupils at St Sidwell's to learn Mathematics, so that they:
  • Enjoy learning, practising and exploring maths

  • Become fluent in their understanding of number and in their calculation skills

  • Develop their reasoning and are able to explain and discuss their mathematical thinking using mathematical language

  • Develop resilience, perseverance and independence through problem-solving

  • Become successful and confident mathematicians prepared for future learning, and the practical applications of maths in the world around them

Maths is taught daily across the school.

From EYFS through to Year 6, our Maths teaching is underpinned by the White Rose Maths scheme.

In EYFS, we ensure progression in Mathematical skills and knowledge by linking White Rose Maths scheme with Birth to 5 Matters guidance for our Nursery pupils through to the end of Reception.

White Rose Maths builds on a foundation of Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract Learning, and this combination of Concrete and Pictorial references scaffolds and strengthens understanding and is used as a teaching and learning tool from the EYFS to Year 6.

White Rose Maths provides opportunities for children to “master” mathematics and provides opportunities for greater depth but we also supplement these units with other resources that provide further opportunities for our children to practise skills, solve problems and to reason.

In addition, we are aware of the importance of foundation skills in number fluency and calculation. In light of this, our children spend additional time practising and learning number bonds and multiplication tables in order for these to become embedded.

As a school, we are also aware of the importance of language, vocabulary and the application of fluent talk when reasoning in maths. We develop and support our children by providing regular opportunities to reason and by scaffolding language and oracy skills with sentence stems and questioning.

Below are our Calculation and Progression Policies based on the White Rose Maths Scheme. The EYFS document shows our maths progression landmarks across the year and is being developed in further detail with the EYFS team and the Maths Lead going forwards.

Mr McLeod leads Mathematics in our school, from Nursery to Year 6.