Getting Ready to Write!
Many of the things we play with in Nursery help children to develop the vital physical skills they will need when they learn to write letters. Writing involves many cognitive and physical skills so playing now will help develop those skills which they can use today and in the future! Pushing wheelbarrows, rolling tyres, lifting and moving large equipment all help to develop physical skills and body awareness, shoulder joints get used, elbow pivots move and wrists, hand and fingers flex and grip though play.
Core Books
In Nursery we have some core books, stories that we read repeatedly because children can learn a great deal about language, early phonics and concepts of print from them. 
Below you can see two children reading one of our core books together, independently turning pages, telling the story and using some of the language of the story. 
Learning about Jobs

We are finding out about the jobs that adults do to help us. We have had a visit from a Nurse recently. Next we will find out about the people who work in our school.